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Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Party


For my daughters 1st birthday party, I decided on a kitty theme. She loves our cat and it has been one of her first words. I painted a pink kitty to be displayed. I also want to take her photo next to the kitty each year on her birthday to see how she has grown.

I found a darling red and white fabric to use for our tablecloth. I then used old tin cans to hold flowers cut from our yard. The plastic kitties I bought online and the kids liked playing with them.

The cake was in the shape of a kitty, sort of. You get the idea:) I used coconut on top to look like fur.

I took my daughters photo on the same day once a week so I ended up with 52 photos. I hung those on string with clothes pins to admire her photos while we ate. We liked seeing how she has grown and deciding who she looks like.

I cut fabrics in circles and squares and sewed them together to create the garland that I hung from the ceilings in the dining room, living room and kitchen.

I also purchased honeycomb tissue balls to hang together as 3 and then hang from the ceiling.

I made kitty ears out of gray fabric hot glued onto plastic headbands. The inner part of the ear on a kitty that is normally pink, was red and pink from our fabric. They are laying next to the picture of the cake.

We had a salad bar for supper. My daughter likes to eat blueberries, plain chicken, avocado and I wanted to serve something she would enjoy. I bought to go boxes from Publix and precut all of my salad toppings. It was beautiful and really good.

Design Inspiration

We are fans of pink here and I like red and pink together. I found the fabric who had both and then got the rest of my party supplies from there. My daughter likes cats, so therefore, the kitty themed party was born.

Decorating Style

I am an artist who creates jewelry, paints, sews and likes to make things. So I love color, color, color!  as well as patterns, fresh looking things, and antiques mixed with newer items.

Project Details

kitty painting-moi,


red and white fabric- Hawthorne Threads Online

honeycomb tissue balls- Shop Sweet Lulu Online

fabric garland-moi


Favorite Items

hmmm.... I liked the salad bar and I really liked the flowers in the plain tin cans. Honestly, I loved every detail.


find colors and a general idea you like and then go with it! They will give you direction as to what plates,and party doo dads you will want/need.

Alison Mar

Tuesday 27th of August 2013

The kitty artwork or painting is nice.


Wednesday 28th of August 2013

thank you! it hangs in her room now. she loves kitties!