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I am a stay at home mom of a 2 year old little girl and waiting on baby sister to come this June. I am an artist who designs and creates necklaces ( and am usually in the process of updating some room in my home. I love to create, sew, paint, craft, etc. I love to pick out fabric, colors and pattern!

Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Party

For my daughters 1st birthday party, I decided on a kitty theme. She loves our cat and it has been one of her first words. I painted a pink kitty to be displayed. I also want to take her photo next to the kitty each year on her birthday to see how she has grown.
I found a darling red and white fabric to use for our tablecloth. I then used old tin cans to hold flowers cut from our yard. The plastic kitties I bought online and the kids liked playing with them.
The cake was in the shape of a kitty, sort of. You get the idea:) I used coconut on top to look like fur.
I took my daughters photo on the same day once a week so I ended up with 52 photos. I hung those on string with clothes pins to admire her photos while we ate. We liked seeing how she has grown and deciding who she looks like.
I cut fabrics in circles and squares and sewed them together to create the garland that I hung from the ceilings in the dining room, living room and kitchen.
I also purchased honeycomb tissue balls to hang together as 3 and then hang from the ceiling.
I made kitty ears out of gray fabric hot glued onto plastic headbands. The inner part of the ear on a kitty that is normally pink, was red and pink from our fabric. They are laying next to the picture of the cake.
We had a salad bar for supper. My daughter likes to eat blueberries, plain chicken, avocado and I wanted to serve something she would enjoy. I bought to go boxes from Publix and precut all of my salad toppings. It was beautiful and really good.