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Kallie Ane’s Room to Grow


I was so excited I finally got to decorate a nursey. I had the help of my mom and sister. I knew that I wanted paisley and bright colors. I also wanted to make my own bedding and curtains. I just love how it turned out!

Design Inspiration

I got some ideas from others who had posted their nurseys on this website. Then others we made as we went or found somewhere along the way.

Decorating Style

I just wanted a room that she could grow with and I think we did just that.

Project Details

The pink changing table/dresser is an old dresser I sanded, primed, and painted bright pink and found cheap diamond looking knobs off ebay. The tree is made up of  paper bag for the trunk and the leaves are fabric and scrapbook paper cut into all different sized circles (I did this with my circut). For the crib bumper pads we used foam pipe insulation cut to the size of each rail then just modpodged fabric over the top. We also decided to velco the slit to keep it closed around the rail.  The recliner is a old recliner we had with a slipcover on it, that was the best idea. All the curtains and bedding was homemade; all the rest was bought.

Favorite Items

I love the canopy over her bed and that we used the pom poms from my babyshower to put in the center. The tree is a great decorative touch on that main wall.


Make it your own; do it all yourself!