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Millie’s Teal & Yellow Nursery


When we found out we were having our second baby I knew I wanted to do something fun in her nursery but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I wanted something original, pretty, relaxing and budget friendly.

We kept the crib that belonged to our older daughter and I painted it a pretty shade of teal.  A neighbor was getting rid of a changing table and offered to give it to me for free! I paint furniture for a living and I knew a couple coats of paint could make this old furniture pretty. I mixed a custom shade of yellow and painted the changing table and side table to match. I originally wanted to paint the crib teal and the changing table coral but the coral paint wasn't covering like I wanted. I had to improvise and go with another color which turned out to be a custom shade of yellow. It wasn't my original vision but I love how it turned out.

I made the paper garland's and faux embroidery hoops from supplies I had on hand. The hoops are made with diaper boxes, scrapbook paper, hot glue and ribbon. I also wanted a one of a kind crib skirt. I have no clue how to sew so I found tutorials online and made a no-sew crib skirt.

I think everything came together beautifully and it was all done without breaking the bank.

Design Inspiration

I didn't have one inspiration source. Pinterest was my friend while planning the design for this nursery and when I saw something I liked I pinned it. I knew I wanted softer colors but a few statement pieces like the crib and changing table to add pops of color.

Decorating Style

I do not consider myself a stylish person or having a great sense of style but I know what I like and what I think is pretty. My taste has slowly changed now that we are home owners and can decorate to make the space ours. My style is influenced by other blogs but I am not the type of person to have the most trendy items in my home. I want to be original with my style and not have my home look like every other home in America.

I like lighter colors such as whites, soft gray's, soft blue's, and yellow's just to name a few. I like to accessorize with pops of colors, whether it be with pillows or a painted side table or buffet.

Project Details

Wall color: Misty Moonstone by Glidden. It's a nice shade of soft gray with undertones of blue.

Crib: Purchased from Babies R Us over four years ago. Not sure of the brand. Painted in Teal Zeal by Behr*

Crib Skirt: DIY  (tutorial info can be found at

Rocker: Purchased four years ago from a baby boutique in Texas

Pillow: DIY with left over skirt material

Rug: Wal-Mart

Changing Table: Given to us by neighbors. The hardware is from Hobby Lobby. Painted a custom shade of yellow*

Pink and White Hamper:  TJ Maxx

Embroidery Art: DIY  (tutorial can be found at

Framed Prints: Etsy (the Wheatfiled by Katie Daisy)

Window Frame: ReStore

Paper Garland: DIY.  Paper was bought from Michael's

Lamp: Wal-Mart. I added the pink trim

White Curtains: Wal-Mart

Baskets: Home Goods (about four years ago)

Antique Mirror:  Family heirloom

Side Table: Purchased from a garage sale and painted yellow


* For those concerned about painting a crib......I paint furniture professionally and have researched the best paints and sealants to use on furniture. All products used on the crib are safe and do not pose any threat to baby!



Favorite Items

I think my favorite item is the crib. It was so dark before and now it is bright and fun and one of a kind! I also love the rocker because it reclines and it so comfy!


My advice is make your nursery a place that is calming and relaxing. Not only will your baby be spending a lot of time in the space but so will you. You want a place that is peaceful and comfortable. I also suggest being original in your room design. Pull from other rooms that you love but don't copy the room 100%.....what fun is that?!

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  1. avatar Jane says:

    I’m a bit confused about the crib being painted. In this post you say you use Teal Zeal by Behr but in another post it’s said that Lullabye Paint was used. Can you clarify which is used? Lullabye paint definitely has nothing similar to this colour. Thanks.

  2. avatar Susan Miles says:

    Why do you have all these questions with No answers? What is the point? you used Behr paint on crib but I see “project Nursery mentioned on Lullaby paint. Why didn’t you use their paint. I didnt know Behr paint was eco friendly, I’m going to check it out. Lullaby has a $7.95 delivery chrge plus shipping. ( which is $10.00 +) That a rip off

  3. avatar Vicky says:

    Hi! I painted my baby’s crib with the same paint you used, Teal Zeal by Behr*, but since I used a matte finish I feel it needs a clear coat to protect the paint. Any suggestions on what brand I can use that is water based and safe for the baby? I’ve tried home depot, ace hardware, guys, non of those stores have what I’m looking for :(

  4. avatar Holly Meade says:

    Did you sand your crib before painting?

  5. avatar rita says:

    same here… I’m very much interested in the yellow color of the changing table and the make and sheen of the paint.

  6. avatar leanne says:

    did you prime and or seal the crib?

  7. avatar Kristina Briner says:

    How much is this paint?

  8. avatar Glenda Vazquez says:

    Did you have to sand and prime? Oh and what paint finish? Looks beautiful.

  9. avatar Antonia Graffeo says:


    I absolutely love the yellow you used. I know it’s a costum color but would you be able to send me the information if you saved it? Paint company and color code thy use? If so that would be great!!

    Thank you

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  11. avatar Lana says:

    I love the colour choices you have made for a girl – very original, bold and beautiful!

  12. avatar ScottishMrs says:

    Do you have any tips for painting baby furniture? Or a link to a post on your blog that teaches it? I love your nursery so much! Especially that beautiful teal colour.