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Jude’s Vintage Nursery


An economical ($1000!) nursery for our new baby Jude! Inspired by vintage, antique pieces that were spruced up, bold textures/patterns, and a taste of a winter woodland theme, this nursery was done on a budget and many of the projects were created by us. Accessories, furniture recovering, fabric choices, wall hangings, etc. were DIY and very cheap!

Design Inspiration

Our inspiration was the 1970s and trees.  I didn't want it to get too theme-y, AND we were on a major budget.  I knew I had to get used pieces (except the crib of course...but it was only $99) so I thought that would limit me on what I could do.  Istead, it just caused me to be more creative and think things out a bit more!  I LOVE the colors from the 70s...the burnt orange, browns, and pea green.  I added white to sort of tone things down a bit.

Decorating Style

Bold patterns and textures mixed with modern and a hint of vintage.

Project Details

Here we go...there were LOTS of DIY projects in this room!

The 4 pieces of furniture totalled $400 and were bought second-hand, thrift, and antique, except for the $99 crib! My mom sewed the curtains from fabric I picked out at Hancock Fabrics.

dresser was $99 from a thrift store...I bought some cork cabinet liner and spray painted it tan, then cut the vintage shape and adhered them to the fronts of the cabinets (after a little fixing up and polishing of the dresser.)

We tried to apply a wall decal with a "j" on it but it would not correctly my husband just painted the "j" circle himself!

Most of the accessories are from Hobby Lobby and Target, if they were not made.

I chose/coordinated all of the fabric from the crib bedding and had a seller on etsy sew it all up.

I made these wall letters for about $35, including frames! Cardboard letters were painted, covered in scrapbook paper, feathers, and moss. I painted the frames to look like a deep brown wood and put a piece of scrapbook paper in each frame, then adhered the letters to the back of the frame through holes we cut out of the paper backing to make them extra

Favorite Items

The tree branch side table, the "J" on the wall and the trees.


You don't have to spend money to get a satisfying result!  You don't have to order things from expensive stores or have other people design things for you...websites like this are GREAT resources for step-by-step projects you can do in your own home!


Friday 8th of February 2013

This nursery is so incredible! You are so talented! Could you please provide a detailed list of the paint colors that you used and any items that could still be purchased online? I would love to build upon your inspiration, but don't want to get it all wrong. Please help! :)


Tuesday 7th of August 2012

Can I ask where you found the crib at for $99? And did you paint it yourself? I am thinking of doing the same as the only cribs I see are white or brown color.


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

Thanks so much! They are decals :) NouWall on etsy.


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

I love this whole nursery! Wow! I also would like to know about the tree branches--did you hand paint them or is it a decal? I am going to do something similar in my son's nursery and love the simplicity of them. Thanks!


Friday 30th of December 2011

Were the tree branches hand painted or is a decal? Love them!!