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Geometric 1st Birthday Party


We jazzed up our home a little to celebrate our little boys 1st birthday with friends and family

Design Inspiration

Harvey's Aunty made him a gorgeous geometric blanket for christmas - I fell in love and his party planning began from there

Decorating Style

Modern, clean, bright and fun

Project Details

I spent hours cutting and folding tissue paper to make a big pom pom installment over our dining table. The day before the party just flew and I wasn’t getting it done. My sister in laws came to the rescue and put this together – Looked great. Talented ladies they are.

I made the cake myself – since my usual cake maker is interstate. I am certainly no great baker – so I grabbed 4 supermarket uniced sponge cakes and smothered them in buttercream. I made Harvey’s “smash” cake the same way – it’s such a simple way to make an impressive looking cake. If I can do it anyone can! We displayed Harvey's cake smash photos above the sweets table.

Thank goodness I was able to get my usual cake maker at Nicki’s Cake Design (located in Sydney) to make me some cupcakes and send down with my mum. They were, as always, a massive hit. She made the cake topper too – Loved it!

Another massive hit was the triangle and “1″ cookies from You’re My Hero Bakes (located in Doreen) They are beyond delicious.

I filled the rest of the sweets table with lollies, mashmellows, popcorn and of course fairy bread. I was really happy with how it turned out. Especially after spending hours cutting out those triangles.

Favorite Items

Would have to be the triangle buntings I made myself. Oh and of course the cookies and cupcakes, because I love food!


Pick a theme and stick with it - things work so well when they all tie together.