Baby Girl Pink Striped Nursery

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This pink striped nursery was designed for my daughter. I wanted it to be pink but not feel like a princess room. I wanted it to feel rustic and cozy but still feel feminine. I am so happy with the way it turned out.

Design Inspiration

I didn't have one element that inspired me. I love nature, cozy rooms and anything pink. I just pulled from things that I loved.

Decorating Style

I would describe my decorating style as easy and practical. I like pieces that can easily function in different rooms in the house for different purposes.

Favorite Items

I love the Monogram B. My oldest daughter and myself made it especially for this nursery. It cost $2.50 but yet it holds the most value.


If you are attempting any sort of stripe on the wall, USE FROG TAPE!! Its the best. The paint won't bleed through and it doesn't peel tape.



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    Where is your chair from? Would you mind telling me where you purchased it/what brand? Looks very comfortable!

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