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Eclectic Shared Kids Room Tour


I wanted to create a fun and friendly space for my little ones to help usher in the new year.

Design Inspiration

Love Boho Chic, eclectic spaces! I also love the idea of DIY and tried to add as many textures and natural elements as possible. The curves and details of the dresser so french country!

Decorating Style

Boho, Eclectic, Traditional,Posh, Glam, Rustic

Project Details

I wanted to create an eclectic space that captured my daughters super glam diva style, as well as my sons Batman/superhero/ any hero persona. I DIY'ed the mobile and hand-sewed the pattern of the birds from an old maternity top. I create two tassel garlands from tissue paper, and the area rug I purchased online at The nightstand is thrifted and for the art work I downloaded free printables and framed them.


Rug: via RugsUsa

Dresser: Thrifted

Mobile: DIY and the pattern for the birds can be found here at Lavender's Blue Design

Tassel: DIY and sold here

Printables: For Chics Sake and MaybeMeJ

Favorite Items

Love everything DIY!! I'm just starting to create tassels and I love crafting so much! I am so exciting to try new color pallets!


With three small children under 5 I had to find time to craft. The best times for me were late night after they were sleeping and early morning. I had to space out my projects and try and small progress everyday. For example.. I spread my DIY mobile out across 3 weeks. Tested patterns, fabric, made a few sewing mistakes and started over a few times.

Frauline Kelly

Tuesday 5th of February 2013

Love your dresser. Not a fan of big cartoon beddings though (and a mismatch printed rug). They make the space look cluttered and untidy.