Tangled Birthday Party

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My daughter loves Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. For her fourth birthday she requested a Tangled party. With the help of some plastic yellow table cloths, some yellow ribbon and yarn we were on our way!

Design Inspiration

Disney movie Tangled

Decorating Style


Project Details

Most of my supplies - rolls of plastic table covering, plates, napkins, ribbon and paper lanterns were found at http://www.partystation.com. Other craft supplies such as yarn and ribbon to make Rapunzel's hair and tiaras as well as the donut tower decorations were found at www.hobbylobby.com. King crowns were supplied by Burger King and were free. You just have to go ask for them.

Favorite Items

They frying pan party favors filled with popcorn. Since Rapunzel's "weapon" of choice is a frying pan in the movie it was perfect. We live near www.Step2.com headquarters so I called and ordered frying pan replacement parts from one of their kitchen sets. The frying pans worked out perfectly and the favors were a hit!


Pick one or two elements that you love from a movie or book and use them throughout your theme. You don't need to include every single item at your party. Guests will get your theme based on a few key items.


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