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Cruz’s DIY Nursery


I love Project Nursery, and a lot of time spent on here . . haha, I didn't have a crazy budget, and I didn't really want to spend a lot of money in here, I ended up spending maybe a total of $350 . . Including the crib and changing table and swing, and toys, and decor. My Boyfriend is a painter, My dad owns his own business and they specialize in refinishing furniture and distressing, and staining, and all around making custom furniture, so I got lucky in that area. A LOT of my projects were DIY.

Design Inspiration

My original inspiration was the pillows I had, the ones in the crib, I liked they way they were mix matched, and  it inspired a vintage mix matched print kinda feel, I eventually went somewhere else with it, although I still used the pillows.

Decorating Style

I am not sure, maybe vintage with a little crafty fun.

Project Details

Embroidered circles, I think are a must for every nursery, there very popular right now, I used my Amy Buttler fabric, then spray painted the circles red, and that was my most simple DIY project by far. Whenever you can re-purpose furniture DO IT, The Crib and Changing table were both refinished by my father, I think I could probably resell them both for $400-ish, and I paid $75 for them both. I re-upholstered the boppy, and made a changing table cover, re-upholstered some old throw pillows, made a baby blanket . . all with he same Amy Buttler fabric that I found online for $55 for 7 yards. Google coupons online whenever you can.

Favorite Items

My bird FLY poster, and all my DIY projects.

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  1. avatar BriskRain says:

    I like what you did with the walls. I also like the simplicity and modest look of the room. Just as Angelsbreath said, it’s really practical.

  2. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    The best thing about your nursery is that it’s very practical and not at all extravagant. Yep, you are indeed very lucky to have a furniture refinishing family business. I would have loved to have a dad like yours.