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Cruz’s DIY Nursery


I love Project Nursery, and a lot of time spent on here . . haha, I didn't have a crazy budget, and I didn't really want to spend a lot of money in here, I ended up spending maybe a total of $350 . . Including the crib and changing table and swing, and toys, and decor. My Boyfriend is a painter, My dad owns his own business and they specialize in refinishing furniture and distressing, and staining, and all around making custom furniture, so I got lucky in that area. A LOT of my projects were DIY.

Design Inspiration

My original inspiration was the pillows I had, the ones in the crib, I liked they way they were mix matched, and  it inspired a vintage mix matched print kinda feel, I eventually went somewhere else with it, although I still used the pillows.

Decorating Style

I am not sure, maybe vintage with a little crafty fun.

Project Details

Embroidered circles, I think are a must for every nursery, there very popular right now, I used my Amy Buttler fabric, then spray painted the circles red, and that was my most simple DIY project by far. Whenever you can re-purpose furniture DO IT, The Crib and Changing table were both refinished by my father, I think I could probably resell them both for $400-ish, and I paid $75 for them both. I re-upholstered the boppy, and made a changing table cover, re-upholstered some old throw pillows, made a baby blanket . . all with he same Amy Buttler fabric that I found online for $55 for 7 yards. Google coupons online whenever you can.

Favorite Items

My bird FLY poster, and all my DIY projects.


Wednesday 31st of August 2011

I like what you did with the walls. I also like the simplicity and modest look of the room. Just as Angelsbreath said, it's really practical.


Thursday 18th of August 2011

The best thing about your nursery is that it's very practical and not at all extravagant. Yep, you are indeed very lucky to have a furniture refinishing family business. I would have loved to have a dad like yours.