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Chevron Nursery for Baby Boy


A versatile nursery for a little man eclectic enough to absorb all the random gifts we received.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a very versatile nursery that could grow with my little boy. I'm not very into teddy bears and baby things, and I didn't want anything too theme-y that would be hard to match. I'm obsessed with chevron stripes, so a friend helped me paint shades of navy blue stripes. They've become my and Mitchell's favorite part of the room. He stares and coos while getting his diaper changed.

Decorating Style

I like to say it's eclectic, but really I just don't have enough skill to have a specific style.

Project Details

The crib is the crib I used as a baby, my dad used as a baby, and even his uncles used as babies. I made the hippo art over the crib myself using Photoshop. The animal prints over the crib were bought from trafalgarssquare Etsy shop. The dragon mobile over the crib was purchased from Amazon. The crib skirt is Missoni print from Target. The rocking chair was purchased at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The changing table/dresser was found on Craigslist and refinished. The cube shelves are from Target. The book displays were made by Mitchell's grandpa.

Favorite Items

The chevron stripes are by far my favorite. No matter how fussy Mitchell is, he calms down immediately upon seeing them. He usually coos to them.


Don't get stuck trying to match everything. You'll get so many random gifts that will look out of place if you try to have a completely matched nursery.

Florence Amber

Monday 22nd of October 2012

That dragon mobile is just adorable! And those little white frames with prints too.

Belle Humphreys

Friday 19th of October 2012

Awww, it must be so nice to have a crib with such a wonderful history and one that has served many babies well. That dragon mobile is very cute and lovely, too.