Black, white, and yellow nursery

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My daughter's nursery with neutral basics that will transition easily for future children.

Design Inspiration

The design started with the black and white CozyWedge bumper and went from there.  

Decorating Style

On a budget, modern, family friendly.

Project Details

The dresser was a FREE hand-me-down from a friend.  They were going to toss it in the dumpster and I saw it's potential.  A coat of white paint, new hardware, and easy fix of one drawer for under $100!  The penguin art was painted by me on a leftover canvas I had sitting around.  The curtains I sewed myself because I wanted certain baby-proof features to them; there is a PVC pipe hidden in a pocket so that baby can't pull the drapes into the crib.  It's a small room and crib placement next to the window was the best spot.  The cellular blackout shades are cordless as well.  

Favorite Items

My DIY artwork.  The duck shadowbox and penguin painting.


Think outside the pink and blue box.  :)  Don't be afraid to add patterns that are more mature, but mix in fun, kid friendly artwork.  After all, the toys that end up all over the floor tell you it's a kid's room.


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    I think black and white are great to use in a nursery because the baby can really focus on their new surroundings right away, and it’s always in style!

    I’m using a black and white rug and other accessories to bring the rug into the rest of the decor:

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    I love the “clean line” feel in this room! Great use of muted yellow as the pop of color (in lieu of a louder yellow). Makes the room serene…  

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    i’m curious as to what those prints or artworks are in those cute yellowish frames lined up vertically beside the crib. They look so pretty from afar.

  5. 5

    @Recreate, the prints are simple prints of birds and owls I found online images of.  After copying them in photoshop I changed all of the colors to the colors I wanted.  Then printed them onto photo paper at home.  :)  

  6. 6

    You are so right about thinking outside of the blue and pink box when it comes to our babies. Although these colors are still associated with little boys and girls, we should not be afraid to go for other colors, too. Nice room, by the way.

  7. 7

    Love it! SO beautiful! Love the wall colour , may I ask what the name of the colour paint you used on the walls? Just gorgeous thanks for sharing =)

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