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Baby Worthy’s Wild Wonderland


A jungle/retro/gender neutral/hand crafted nursery for our new little beast!!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from:

1. Safari travels

2. Vintage anything

Decorating Style

I would describe my deorating style as vintage eclectic.  I love all things retro, nature inspired, quirky, handmade and reclaimed. 

Project Details

The thrift store is my secret weapon.  I love the deals that I can find there.  The changing table came with the pad and a price tag of $6.00!!  ...$10.00 of paint and a few handmade changing pad covers and it is one of may favorite pieces. is my other favorite place to find great deals and one of a kind items.  Now, thanks to, you can get even better deals on etsy originals. 

Last but not least, I incorporated tons of old toys and some decrotive items from my own childhood.  There is nothing more special than seeing something you loved as a child come back to life in a room for a new life you have created.

Favorite Items

1. The sticks in the corner (or "the tree" as my husband call them).  These were collected from a local nature walk.

2. The quirky dictionary page prints above the crib.  (

3.  The wall art with the whinnie the pooh quote.  (made by me... and super easy to do!!)


Go to the thrift stores early and often and don't be put off by how something looks now.  Refinishing and painting items can save you a fortune in the long run... and you get a custom look.  Also, don't fuss over perfection when you are creating/reviving a piece.  Slight imperfections give things character and depth.


Friday 24th of June 2011

Wild wonderland is very apt! The room is a mishmash of interesting and fascinating stuff. I suddenly want to go there and rummage through old and vintage items!


Tuesday 21st of June 2011

There are really a lot of things here to fascinate a baby. And even adults! Every corner with quirky items seems fun and exciting.