Baby Woods’ Woodland Themed Nursery

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This was definitely a "labor of love" for my husband and I. We both love the outdoors and animal life so we decided to make that our first child's nursery!

Design Inspiration

Our goal was to keep it playful, fun but still organic to the outdoors.  Most of my inspiration came from pinterest or just ideas off the top of my head!

Decorating Style

Love pops of colors!

Project Details

Stick Curtain Rod (DIY husband made)

Split Wood Shelves (DIY made)

Crib Skirt- handmade by a family friend


Favorite Items

My fav things in the room are the pouf ottoman and our crib set :)


My advice is to take it 1 detail at a time. If you want a pouf ottoman, take the time to shop around! Don't buy all the pre-themed nursery sets from baby stores...they can be boring and way over priced! Instead create your own mix of things and don't forget about!


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    You have a very creative mind and you and your husband a very talented. I love the colors here and the outdoors theme. Great job!

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    I love that 4-drawer storage. It’s unique and it’s lovely. I also love that driftwood shelf you have there. Did you make that?

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    Ah man, wished I had seen this for any one of my babies. We are outdoor enthusiasts and would have loved loved this for my oldest daughter who just turned 15 and or my twins who will be ten this summer! I love everything about the nursery. I am doing a camp themed room for my son and would love to know how you mounted the wooden brackets to the wall for the log shelf and the curtain rod. I definitely think I will do this for his “outdoor” themed room. Love the wall decals. I’m making my own bear and birds from contact paper. Please email a response. Thank you. By the way what did you name your baby?

  7. 8

    Do you have a tutorial on the shelves/curtain rod, or any tips and tricks? What kind of wood did you use? How did you measure everything? This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen anywhere! My husband and I are planning a ‘Hobbit’ themed nursery and those shelves would be a great touch!

  8. 9

    Where did you find the ABCs and numbers prints? I just love them! Please let me know. Thanks!

  9. 10

    My son and daughter-in-law are doing a middle earth-themed nursery, any tricks and tips would be helpful! TIA

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