A Cherry Blossom & Birdie Shower

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A brunch shower thrown by my sister and friends to welcome our baby girl.

Design Inspiration

My love for cherry blossom trees was the inspiration for this shower. The little birdies sprinkled throughout will be used in the baby's nursery.

Project Details

Centerpieces and Wishing Tree: branches collected from the backyard with cherry blossom silk flowers and birds hot glued onto them.
Wishing Tree tags: found at Michael's, matched the theme perfectly. Guests were asked to write one word to describe the bond between mommy and baby on the front, and a detailed wish for the baby on the back.
Cherry Blossom Soap favors: ordered online
Onesie shaped menu card: printed on heavy resume paper, with a precious pink bow glued on top. 
Welcome Banner: was a contribution by me, made from a variety of scrapbooking paper, scissors, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. I plan on hanging it in the living room for when the baby comes home! 
Other knickknacks: mostly bought at Michael's, Joann Fabrics, Dollar Store, platters for desserts from Crate & Barrel. 

Favorite Items

The wishing tree! The branch chosen to make this tree has a whimsical shape and looks absolutely darling when all the wish tags are hung on it. 


Don't be afraid to tell your shower's host your likes and dislikes so they can achieve a theme that you will love.  All the small details matter but don't go crazy on achieving them, have fun with DIY projects as guests really seem to appreciate those, and look for a lot of materials to make these projects at your local Dollar Store or the dollar bins at Michaels- you would be surprised at how much can be found there. 


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    Just a few weeks more, I can imagine your excitement! As for this party, I think that this is one of the best parties I’ve seen on PN.

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    Very simple decorations here and I think it’s a great use of what’s available. I think that you were able to get the theme out very well.

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