Asher’s Monstourage

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For our little boy's nursery, we combined modern patterns and color combinations with playful, fun tactile monsters - friends he can look at and touch as he grows in these first few years. We now jokingly call his new monster friends his "monstourage."

Design Inspiration

Both my husband and I were pretty energetic kids so we joked that we'd surely have a little "monster" when our genes combined. Early in our pregnancy, we came across a street fair where an artist made adorable monsters from recycled sweaters and we commited to have a monster nursery, regardless of the sex of our baby. We also love striking patterns and modern color combinations so we took the nursery one piece after buying those initial monsters until it all fell into place.

Decorating Style

As an architect and casual artist, we were excited to pull together our first nursery with our own special flare, but it was really important to us that it look original and not too thematic. This proved challenging along the way because we wanted a look that wasn't disparate, but in the end have use a space that feels like it's truly one of a kind.

Project Details

The biggest decision was which key colors to use on the walls, knowing we had a small space and the wrong choice could overwhelm the space and give it the wrong feeling. We loved the light robin's egg blue on the top half of the room contrasted against a chocolate brown, but we worried it was a color combination that was a bit overdone. When we found a brilliant Skip Hop "mod dot" sheet and pillow set , it inspired the color palette and inspired us to add deep red on the bedspread and a lime green on the floor rugs. While we may not have used those colors initially, the sheets inspired us to try them out. When we matched the wall paint, rugs and bedspread to the textiles, we had cohesiveness without being thematic - VOILA!

Everything else just fell into place after that. As a weekend artist, I had fun creating the monster wall art to coordinate with the look and feel of the room and took a lot of pride in the tiny details. Things like the matching storage bins with chalkboard labels in the closet, stuffed animals for the beds and wall art became the icing on the cake as we found them. Most of the pieces were handmade because we knew what we wanted and couldn't find it anywhere, but in the end, they were less expensive this way.


Favorite Items

The monster art on the walls were handmade by mommy, using recycled fabrics and buttons from Asher's great grandmother's sewing supplies. Though she's now passed on, it's really special to have her energy in the room in these art pieces and in the antique rocker she once rocked me in.

We also love the thick stripes on the walls. Just when we thought the room was done, my husband and I stared at the room with a feeling something was missing. We decided the architecture of the room would shine a lot more if we added a little punch to the angled eves so we got a paint color a few shades darker than the initial turquoise. In just a few hours, the room went from and 8 to a 10 in our minds - and with such a simple addition!


Don't make too many rules or themes for your room or you'll take the fun our of the project. Just take your time and creativity. Collect pieces you love and use your instincts to tie them all together into a truly unique space!


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    Very cute! I love the monster’s and the stripes made the room. I also like the pom pom’s that you put on the curtains and all the extra details.

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    Thanks, Jan! The pom poms are a felt garland from Crate & Barrel’s Land of Nod store. I just cut them into pieces and clipped to the curtains and mobile. You will also find the red “gumball” lamp there in a variety of colors. :)

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    You did a great job! The room looks adorable. I love all of the colors! Where did you find the white day bed?

  6. 6
  7. 7

    Thanks Annie!!!! I had actually seen that daybed on the Ikea website a few days ago – I am on a quest to find one that it nice, but also reasonably priced! I couldn’t even recognize it amongst all the great decor you have! I have some more questions for if you don’t mind. (I was actually considering buying that daybed, but I had so many questions about it and I don’t have a Ikea nearby. I didn’t want to order it online without knowing the answers to these.)

    (1) Did you buy a regular twin mattress for it or did you buy one of the Ikea foam mattresses that the website recommends (i.e., Sultan Florvag or Sultan Fonnes)?

    (2) If you bought one of the Ikea foam mattresses, which one did you get and it is comfortable enough for daily use?

    (3) Also, the daybed product info states that it can be used as a double bed if you buy one of the Ikea foam mattresses. Do you know if you have to buy a queen-size foam mattress to use it as a double bed or does the twin-size foam mattress essentially fold out into a double bed when you need it to? (I was very confused about how the doublebed conversion works!)

    Thanks in advance!!! :)

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  9. 9

    The room is adorable… You have done a fantastic job, it’s so creative. Where did you get the wall paper from?

  10. 10

    Great room!! (I have the same crib – Mercer – in my son’s nursery and I LOVE it!

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  13. 13

    I adore everything about it. The incorporation of monsters and just how colorful it is!

    Where did you get the crib sheet and blanket?

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  15. 15


    Diana, we got the IKEA florag mattress but added another mattress topper to it. It folds up when the daybed is normal so it’s okay for daily use as a daybed, but it’s too thin to be comfortable once you pull the bed out. The part where the drawers are will pull out to make the bed double the width so you’ll need King sized sheets if you use it like this. Our one complaint is (like many IKEA pieces of furniture), the shape of the bed is a little abnormal so it’s tricky to find bedding for. That said, it’s really a great piece with the storage underneath and the ability to pull it out for sleepovers. We also have the matching end table by our rocker and love it. We’d definitely recommend it for any child’s room.

  16. 16


    Jenny, We have a total of three green rugs in the room. The largest one under the crib was only $99 at Crate & Barrel and the round rug under the rocker was also from Crate & Barrel for about $50 around the holidays. The smaller round green rug under the changing table just happened to match and was only $10 from IKEA – a great deal. Can you tell I’m a bargain shopper?! :)

  17. 17


    Cheryl – the walls are actually all painted, no wallpaper. We just taped off 12 inch stripes on two walls and painted every other stripe with a shade of turquoise slightly darker than the original. The initial color was a match of the mod dot pillows we’d already purchased so we just took it back to Home Depot and asked them to make it a more saturated paint about two shades darker. We weren’t sure how it would look but it turned out great and only took a few hours to do. Plus, when you’re only painting stripes, you can get away with only buying a quart or two of the second paint color rather than another gallon so it’s pretty inexpensive.

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    LOVE the nursey! so cute. Is the vendor still available to make those cute monsters? If so can you share the vendor? Love the wall art too!

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    What a great nursery! I LOVE the color selections and the simple, not over-the-top monster theme. And what a great space you had to work with in the first place…nice job using the angled walls to your advantage with those bold stripes. How fun and truly unique!

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