Baby Liam’s Eclectic Nursery

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I knew that I wanted a gray nursery regardless of the sex of our baby. When we found out that it was a boy, I knew I also wanted to incorporate orange because my husband loves that color. I tried to make as many things as I could myself. Overall, I wanted the nursery to be soothing yet with pops of color. It is a mix of mainly new, some old, and a lot of handmade things.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by another nursery that I saw on this site that used the gray and white strips throughout their whole nursery. Due to the size of our room, I decided to only strip the crib wall as an accent. I also was inspired by nature. I wanted to have a bird mobile, linen accents to temper the pops of color (I'm a neutral girl at heart but my husband loves bright things, so this was my attempt at melding both of our styles on a budget).  Finally, I wanted a nursery that was fairly gender neutral and that could grow with our boy.

Decorating Style

I would say that I love eclectic styles. If I had had my way, I would have chosen an old dresser and refurbished it into a changer. My husband loves news things. Because we got such a great deal on the changer, I caved and went for the new one. However, I tried to infuse some vintage feel through old baby blocks, clothes passed down from generations in my family, and some of the art. I wanted the nursery to be relaxing without being boring. I love how the linen accents mix with the bold colors in the poof, crib sheets, and curtains.

Project Details

Mirror above the changer: Target (on sale several years ago in the Clearance section). Baskets in the bookcase are also from Target (bought several years ago). Chalkboard tags-I bought unfinished tags at HobbyLobby and painted them myself. I found chalkboard vinyl that you can can cut and stick instead of using chalkboard paint. Mini-bunting across the mirror: Multi-colored stuffed owl by Etsy seller, BWinks: Orange Poof/ottoman found at HomeGoods for $50 Chair by Storytime Picture frames, picture ledges, and bookcase are all from Ikea Bible Verse art-made using Photoshop Pirate picture: Titled "I Came to Get Down" a Giclee Artis Proof by Hollie Chastain, etsy:   Curtains and crib skirt: handmade using no sew iron on adhesive Crib sheets: etsy Crib and changer are Baby Europa from Babies R Us Knobs on the changer were on clearance from Anthropologie ($2.99 each) Rug from CB2 Bird mobile-handmade using scraps of fabric and fabric samples that I ordered.

Favorite Items

The bird mobile is without a doubt my favorite item. I love that I made it (sewing the birds primarily in my 2nd trimester) and finished it off with a huge stick from my yard. I saw similar bird mobiles on Etsy, but they were extremely expensive. I love that I saved money, and I also like that the birds are sitting on a long branch that takes your eye across the crib.


Start early. I started scouring sites early on. We painted the nursery around 17 weeks, got furniture around 20 weeks, and then had time to shop and slowly put together all of the trimmings! There were times when I tried making things that didn't work out, so have patience but don't be afraid to try or think outside of the box! Not everything has to be a set or bought at a baby store.


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    The end result is really warm and cozy. It’s the kind of room that makes me feel like curling up under the sheets or cuddling to somebody.

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    It’s a room that’s so full of love and warmth and love. That bird mobile is really really pretty. And oh, I think your profile or account photo is really cute!

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    Vanwerta, you should be designing for a living. Besides the room turning out great, I think you did a great job of melding both you and you’re husband’s tastes.

    My wife and I have been in a rut for the past ten years because we’re in the same budget-challenged boat (except I’m the one that likes recycled / repurposed stuff and she prefers new).

    Any chance you’d be able to help us??

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    Love this nursery! Everything flows well together. Where did you get these curtains at? I have been trying to find some like it with no luck! Congrats on your new addition!! :)

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    Thank you for all your responses! We were busy having Liam Isaac. Both of us are doing well, and he is loving his new room!

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    I made the Jeremiah 1:5 print using Photoshop. I saw similar ones on Etsy, but figured I could make my own to save money. I’ve seen people use stencils to get a similar effect if you didn’t have access to a program.

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    The orange lamp was bought at Home Goods for $39. Sorry I forgot that one! I like it because it has the linen shade. You just have to check Home Goods frequently because the merchandise changes so fast.

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    For the curtains, I bought the fabric at Joann’s. It is a Waverly print and is actually indoor/outdoor material. I don’t have a sewing machine and limited ability, so I used the iron-on no sew adhesive to hem them. They are hanging by the clips, so I didn’t make a rod pocket. The new-sew stuff made it easy, just getting them to hang equally was the trickest part.

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    I believe the fabric is called Central Park. There are a few different color options for the Central Park fabric. Mine is the white option. I searched central park crib sheets on etsy. I was also able to locate some of the fabric thru Amazon for art projects.

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    The chair was bought at a local Atlanta baby store, KooKooBears. I believe it is a Little Castle design. I was able to choose the fabrics.

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    I’m sorry, I just found the tag that came with my chair and it is one of the Storytime series (not Little Castle). I apologize for the mistake!

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    Love the room! especially the fabric that you use to make the birds for the mobile. Did you order the fabric samples online or from a local store?


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    Love your nursery, it’s absolutely beautiful. And congrats on your new addition. We are expecting on your second baby and will be decorating both a new nursery and a big girl girl room. I plan to do grey and white stripes on one wall of the big girl room. Do you remember what color white you used for the white stripes?? Im just not sure what to go with. thanks so much. Lauren

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    Do you remember where you got the fabric for your crib skirt? Love love love this nursery :-)

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