Orange Pops on Neutral palette

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For my sons nursery I wanted to do neutral colors with pops of orange and then accented with light blues and greens with white furniture.  I tried to also keep a vintage feel with the Jenny Lind crib and bedding as well as the vintage 60's dresser.

Design Inspiration

I drew a lot of inspiration from Holly Mathis and Erin at Domestic Adventure.  Those 2 nurseries along with my own touches and colors are what created my favorite room in the house.

Decorating Style

I would say that I am vintage eclectic.  Most of my furniture is bought from consignment and 2nd hand stores and I love to use lots of colors, patterns and textures.

Project Details

In the room I used...

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the entire room is the bedding.  I had originally planned on making my own but while browsing I found this one and I think it made the entire room come together.


Find items that really enhance your style and life.  The more comfortable you are in the room, the more comfortable your baby will be.


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    Love the pops of orange! It’s one of the colors I’ve been loving lately so everytime I see it in interiors, in food or in fashion, I always get excited!

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    I like the dominantly neutral shades. What exact colors are these? Beige? cream? it’s really lovely with the bright pops or orange here and there.

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    I like how simple this room. Simple is really stylish and classy. And I can see that’s this room is very flexible when it comes to whatever changes you want to do every once in a while. You can add some decor items as your baby grows.

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