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Aren’s 1st Birthday


For my son's first birthday, I created a monster party in blue, green and white.

Design Inspiration


Project Details

All the things were home made.

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  1. avatar morkiraz says:

    Thanks a lot! It took 1 week to prepare all the food. I baked some of them earlier, but I baked most of them on the date of the party. For example, I baked cookies 1 week earlier, and cupcakes 2 days earlier. Yes, I baked all of them except the cakes of the monster central piece.

  2. avatar Stacey Morford says:

    This party has inspired me! How much prep time did all the food take? Did you bake everything too? Well done!

  3. avatar morkiraz says:

    thanks :)

  4. avatar Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy says:

    I love what you did for the party! You made monsters out of everything. So cute!