Arwens Room

  • DIY Tree Mural for Baby Nursery1/10
  • DIY Bookshelf for Kids2/10
  • Nursery Closet Turned Cozy Book Nook3/10
  • Closet Turned Book Nook4/10
  • White Baby Crib and Ikea POÄNG Rocking Chair5/10
  • Pink and Purple Paper Lanterns6/10
  • Sheer Purple Curtains7/10
  • Tree Branch Wall Decal8/10
  • Nature Baby Nursery Theme9/10
  • Butterfly Wall Art10/10


When I first created Arwens nursery, I wasn't sure who she was going to be. After spending 15 months with her, I've realized her love of nature. I decided to transform her room to offer her a place that made her happy. She loves pointing to the tree and telling me what it is (twee is what she can say) and the closet turned book nook is her favorite spot in the room.

Project Details

Paint is Winters Hedge by Behr

Most of the furniture is from IKEA except for the crib which was a gift

I hand made the blanket for the crib, the seat cushion for the book nook and the tree on the wall.

Favorite Items

The book nook. It's something that I think she will enjoy for years to come.

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    Awww… That’s so sweet of you to get to know her first before personalizing her room.

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