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I was hosting my daughter 9th birthday. She had a fabulous "spa"rty complete with facials, make your own bath salts and spa shoes and even a dip in the pool thanks to the California weather. For lunch, the girls dined on "spa"wiches, curlers, pumpkin peel fruit salad, "spa"rfaits, seaweed wraps and drank from the milk bath. Then "treat"ments included bit of honey masks, cotton ball donuts, cucumber eye pad gummies, nail files, lipsticks, body scrub rock candy and bubble bath gum balls. Our guests left with personalized make-up bags. Just another relaxing day at the spa for our nine year old. 

Design Inspiration

Audrey wanted the party to be relaxing and I wanted to make her feel special.  A spa theme party totally fit the bill

Decorating Style

clean, modern, fun

Favorite Items

I loved the personalized make bags that the girls took home.  They were so sophisticated and modern.  I also adored the little treat bags with the spa robe and name one them for candy.


All the items are for sale on my etsy site:

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  1. avatar Candyce says:

    Beautiful idea! My daughter is only three but I will definitely keep this in mind for when she gets a bit older!

  2. avatar Ken says:

    nice one! I have always wanted to do a spa party for my little girl, too, but her mom says she’s still too little to appreciate that kind of theme. oh well, there’s always next year ;)

  3. avatar Cjko says:

    This is adorable! I bet your daughter and her friends loved it.