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Native Shoes: The Toddler “IT” Shoe

I know, I know, I should be writing about fabulous nursery finds, but I just had to share my urban observations with you, dear PN readers, and write about the trend that is taking Manhattan by storm. You can find these “it” shoes at every water park and playground around town. Native Shoes are waterproof and comfortable—kinda perfect for water balloon fights, beachy days and running around in the mud. Have you spied these shoes in your city or town?

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  1. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    These actually look like Crocs but are much nicer.

  2. avatar Frauline Melfi says:

    You should see the red ones! They’re just so cute!

  3. avatar Florence Amber says:

    I just love these shoes. My nephews have them and I kept wishing they have something in my size!

  4. avatar BuenaMano says:

    I love these but yeah, do they make your feet smell?

  5. avatar paige says:

    I live in LA and you see them everywhere on kids.

  6. avatar Theresa says:

    I agree that they look safer than Crocs – I have to try these with my little dears.

  7. avatar Fox says:

    They look cuter and somewhat safer than the Crocs…

  8. avatar Cheryl says:

    These look cute but are they super smelly?

  9. avatar Lucy says:

    I love these. They really are the “it” shoe of the summer.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing our shoes with your readers! Keep it lite ;)

  11. avatar Pam says:

    just got these for both my kids at jcrew. on sale too!

  12. avatar Courtney Adamson says:

    These are AMAZING! Our boys each have a pair and they have been through everything! We have 100 degree weather where we live and they work perfect! We have had them for several months and they have hardly any wear to them- they hold up great!!!

  13. They’re in Boston, but Crocs still rule up here.

  14. avatar Lisa says:

    They dont look appropriate for true summer weather (expected highs range between 118-122 in my lake town this week), but they have great reviews. So, I would certainly try them for little one. Thanks for sharing.