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Over the Rainbow Playroom

We are just delighted by this rainbow playroom created by Haley Martino, mama to two young kiddos. The gorgeous Elsie Rainbow Mural is a true showstopper, and Haley knew just how to balance the space with open-ended toys for hours of play. With the wood toys, knit stuffies and plenty of soft places to create, tumble and explore, this rainbow playroom is a child’s dream come true.

We’ve shared Haley’s daughter’s boho toddler room as well (and it’s definitely worth a peek!), but you can also follow along with Haley and her family over on instagram. Thank you, Haley, for sharing with us; we’ll let you take it from here!

Neutral Playroom with Large Rainbow Mural
Rainbow Wallpaper Mural | Little Rocker Play Arch | Play Couch | Little Steps

I am a content creator and decor lover that enjoys elevating any space! It was a dream of mine to create a playroom my kids will want to spend hours in and we truly enjoy it together. 

Stuffed Toys in Playroom
You are Magic Pennant | Stuffed Unicorn

Where did you pull inspiration for your rainbow playroom design?
After losing my first pregnancy and eventually having two healthy kids, I always thought of them as my “rainbow babies” and was inspired to create a whimsical and magical space under the rainbow for them to play. 

Neutral Playroom with Large Rainbow Mural
Play Letters (similar) | Little Steps | Arch (similar)

Did you have any unexpected obstacles when creating this room? How did you overcome them or spin them to your advantage?
I had to smooth my textured walls to apply the wallpaper I wanted! But it was so worth it. 

Rainbow Playroom with Wooden Toys
Wooden Map | Little Steps | Rug
Ombre Play Canopy in Playroom
Wooden Map | You are my Sunshine Banner | Ombré Canopy

What is your favorite part or detail in your playroom? What do your kids love most?
The rattan “play” letters sign. 

Rainbow Wall Mural in Playroom
Rainbow Wallpaper Mural | Spooky Things Banner
Kids Table in Playroom
Table (similar) | Toy Shelf

What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting to design and organize their own playroom?
Come up with a theme, draw out your ideas on paper, move things around until you’re satisfied with their placement. Don’t be afraid to add lots of details and texture! 

Mushroom Pillow | Sunshine Pillow | Play Couch

Photography by Haley Martino

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