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50 Christmas Pajamas for Kids (2023)

Last year, I found an adorable pair of Christmas pajamas, clicked on them and they were sold out already! Unfortunately, this is one of those if you can’t beat them join them situations. So this year, I snagged those same Christmas pajamas in September! If you want to grab your 2023 holiday jammies, we suggest you start shopping now.

Since I’ve already scoured my favorite shops through and through, I pulled together some adorable Christmas pajamas to hopefully make your search easier.

Striped Christmas Pajamas

You can’t go wrong with striped pajamas for Christmas. Most options work all season long without looking too Christmasy.

Nutcracker Pajamas

The Nutcracker Ballet is an adorable source of inspiration for Christmas pajamas. Nutcrackers and sugar plum fairies look so sweet on these holiday jammies.

Snowflake Pajamas

When selecting pajamas for the holiday, I like to look for options that don’t look wildly out of place for the next few months. Snowflakes are the perfect seasonal compromise.

Christmas Tree Pajamas

We know a thing or two about woodland trends, and these woodsy scenes look just as great on pajamas as they do in nurseries.

Baby’s First Christmas Jammies

These super sweet jammies would all be perfect for a baby’s first Christmas.

Fairisle Pajamas for Christmas

Popular every year, fairisle patterned pajamas look festive and fun on all family members.

Patterned Christmas PJs

You can’t go wrong picking out pajamas when they are covered in holiday favorites like gingerbread houses, holiday lights, festive treats or even gnomes.

Christmas House Pajamas

Santa, Reindeer + Elf Jammies

Whether Santa is on the jammies or the jammies are a bonafide Santa suit, all of these options are crowd pleasers.

Plaid Holiday Pajamas

If you aren’t going all in with Santa pajamas, plaid Christmas pajamas are another safe favorite that looks good on the whole family and can be used year-round.

Now I’m not personally a matching family pajamas kind of gal, but I wholeheartedly support any family that is. You’ll find that most stores have gotten totally onboard with family jammies and sell them in multiple sizes and styles in the same patterns. Many of the choices we included above have family matching options.

In our family, the kids open new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear that night. What is your family’s tradition?

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50 Christmas Pajamas