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Using the Terrazzo Trend in the Nursery

You may have seen the terrazzo trend popping up on your feed lately. This fun pattern has been gaining popularity because it’s equal parts quirky and earthy. Terrazzo is a practically ancient design technique of pressing stones into a cement-like base with roots back to Italy and even Egypt. Nowadays, you might see it more often in things like mosaics, countertops and flooring with stones or glass pressed into materials like vinyl or polymers.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours creating a custom mosaic, nor do you have to invest in new flooring for your nursery. This pattern is now available in so many different options!

Modern Terrazzo Nursery
Modern Terrazzo Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

In the nursery above, I chose a Terrazzo removable wallpaper in cool blue and green tones to accent the crib wall. Because it has a white background, it doesn’t feel too heavy, and it really adds a pop to the space! By using terrazzo in this manner, it feels modern and fresh (and there’s no cement involved).

We took the colors from the terrazzo wallpaper and used them to create this adorable custom dog portrait for my client’s furry family member. The artist, Diane Rieger, mixed together the various tones of blues, greens and beiges so the portrait matched perfectly.

Terrazzo Trend Wallpaper in Boy Nursery with Acrylic Crib

We also chose decor to coordinate with the terrazzo wallpaper to bring out some of the teal and turquoise tones as well. You can see more photos of this terrazzo nursery here.

Balloon Dog Sculpture in Boy Terrazzo Nursery

Not feeling wallpaper? You can look for terrazzo trend in other decor items, like a rug, or even wall decals.


Tuesday 25th of August 2020

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