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Whimsy Meets Tradition in this Showcase Nursery Design

Designer Amy Peltier, of Peltier Interiors, created this nursery design for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design, and we just had to share the results. Amy is here to give us all the behind-the-scenes details on this girls nursery with en suite kids bathroom. Since there is no true client involved, a showcase nursery design allows designers freedom to explore whatever design they like. In this nursery, Amy expertly mixes just the right amount of whimsy with traditional nursery design choices for a unique finish. Thank you, Amy, for sharing!

Girl Showcase Nursery Design in Pasadena Showcase House of Design

Since you weren’t working for a specific client for this showhouse design, what inspired this nursery?
I was actually pregnant with my second child at the time. I already had a 3-year-old boy and so badly wanted a little girl. I designed this space for my soon-to-be daughter!

Girl Showcase Nursery Design in Pasadena Showcase House of Design

How did your personal style influence your design choices?
I have a very whimsical personal style, so nurseries are a natural fit for me.  

Whimsical Slanted Crib in Girl's Nursery with Folded Dress Art
Crib | Dress Art

Did you have any unexpected obstacles when creating this room? How did you overcome them or spin them to your advantage?
I feel like showcase homes are always full of obstacles! From coordinating time and resources to making sure every little detail is perfect. In this nursery suite, the bathroom was a huge challenge. We were very limited by space, so every detail was carefully thought out and planned for. It wasn’t big enough for a bathtub, so we had to get really creative and that is how we ended up with a large farmhouse sink that doubles as a bathtub for the baby.

Kids en suite Bathroom with farmhouse sink as bath tub

Now that the room is complete, what was your favorite part of the process? And what do you love the most about the finished design?
I really love all the little details that add so much to both of the spaces. The wallpaper in both rooms have so much personality. I also love the striped tile in the bathroom and the copper bathroom fixtures. There is an adorable little window seat with a daybed that adds so much warmth to the room.

Striped Tile in Kids Bathroom with Copper Bath Fixtures
Bathroom Tile

What is that one thing that everyone mentions when they step into this space?
Definitely the wallpaper! The wallpaper was the first thing people noticed when walking into the nursery. It was so soft and elegant but has a youthful/whimsical feel to it.

Whimsical and Traditional Girls Nursery Design

What advice would you tell parents to consider when they’re starting their own nursery design projects?
Think beyond the baby years. There are so many design selections you can make that will work in the future. It is possible to create something beautiful that is also practical—organization is key!  

Organized Nursery Closet in Showcase Nursery Design

Photography by Bethany Nauert

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Tuesday 14th of September 2021

I love everything about this room!! This bathtub is so charming!


Thursday 1st of October 2020

Hello Beth! Can you tell us where the wallpaper came from in Whimsy Meets Tradition post? It is FABULOUS!


Thursday 1st of October 2020

Hi Laura! It's from Osborne & Little. I'm afraid I don't know the exact name, but hopefully that will help you find it!