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A Nursery Inspired by a Whimsical Adult Space

I was browsing around my Instagram feed a few weeks ago and came across this stunning image of the Playground Mural by Drop It Modern. They create some of the most beautiful wallpapers and murals I’ve ever seen, but there was something about this particular photo that screamed nursery to me! The whimsical wallpaper, pink velvet chair, long dresser—I could just imagine a modern crib on the other side of the room.

I bookmarked it and reposted it, yet I still couldn’t stop thinking about how it would translate as a nursery. It was literally keeping me up at night—I was designing in my head as we creative types tend to do (and then complain about the lack of sleep). So in an effort to stave off insomnia, I created a nursery design board inspired by this space. I had plenty of other work I should have been doing, but I had to get this out!

Playground Mural

Of course, I stared with the Playground Mural. I added in some modern natural wood furniture, a pink velvet rocker and accents in gold, black, pinks and blues. This design isn’t for everyone—it’s very modern and has an edgy look to it, but it’s also so playful and whimsical that I just can’t stop staring. This is one of my all-time favorite nursery design boards!Modern Pastel and Black Nursery Design Board

Wall Mural | Crib | Dresser | Pink Rocker | Side Table | Black Pendant | Abstract Art | Dog Balloon Art | Gold Lamp | Pillow | Pink Radio | Rug

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