Free Printable: Valentine Hugs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re getting ready for love with a free printable Valentine. This mailable hug is perfect to send to grandmas and grandpas and anyone else you really like.

Free Printable Valentine Hug - Project Nursery

We traced my son’s tiny hands several years ago to make a similar hug-filled Valentine, and it was so loved, it’s still refrigerator art.

Free Printable Valentine Hug - Project Nursery

What you’ll need:

Printable heart file
Printable envelope file (optional)
Plain white sheet of card stock

Free Printable Valentine Hug - Project Nursery

Step 1. Print and cut out the heart and envelope on white card stock. If you’re using the envelope, fold the flaps inward, and use doublestick tape to close. Make sure you leave the top open until you’re done with your Valentine!

Step 2. Trace each of your child’s hands onto a sheet of white paper. They’ll love helping with this part! Cut out the hands.

Free Printable Valentine Hug - Project Nursery

Step 3. Attach the hands at either end of your ribbon or string. You can tape the ribbon to the back of the hands, punch a hole and tie them on or really embellish them. The creativity is up to you here.

Step 4. Tape the middle of the string to the back of the big heart. I let my son scrawl his name on the front of the heart just to make it a little more personal. There is plenty of room to write love notes, front and back.

Free Printable Valentine Hug - Project Nursery

Your super-cute, full-of-love Valentine is finished now. Fold the heart in half, tuck it in your envelope and seal, and it’s ready to make some lucky (and loved!) person’s day.


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    So sweet, Paula. I love crafts that include kids’ handprints. It’s such a great way to capture them at each age.

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