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The Sweetest Way to Count Down to Baby

Waiting for anything is always hard, but waiting for babies? Nine months seems like a pretty long time while you’re going through it! But as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and while you’re being patient, you can make these cute blocks to count down to baby!

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

You can make these for yourself or for a pregnant friend—I think Grandma might even appreciate them! Plus, you’ll be able to find all the materials you need at your local craft store, making this cute DIY project even easier!

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

Materials: (4) 2-inch wooden blocks, wooden plaque, sandpaper, Mod Podge, free printable number squares, black acrylic paint, paint brush

Any good paint job is the result of good preparation before you start painting. Take a piece of sandpaper to your wooden blocks and plaque if there are any rough edges, and then paint them all black.

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

Print and cut out the free printable block numbers. Brush one side of your blocks with Mod Podge. Place a number square over the Mod Podge. Repeat until all the squares are filled. Just be sure the side facing down is dry or else your block will stick to the table!

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

When you’re placing your numbers, since there are only six sides to each block, you’re just going to have to make due for a few days out of the countdown! Add a few more numbers to the fourth block to make up for the missing ones. And remember, you only have to use the number 6 or the number 9 as 6 is 9 upside down!

After all your blocks are dry, give each one a good coat of Mod Podge once again. It will act as sort of a shellac for the blocks and seal your paper.

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

Here’s another idea. If you’d like to use these blocks for more than just your countdown to baby, skip the Mod Podge on the plaque. Paint it with chalkboard paint instead of acrylic, and use a chalk pen to write in whatever your current countdown is for!

DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks - Project Nursery

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  2. avatar Beth says:

    What a sweet idea, Heather. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your pregnancy news!

  3. avatar Heather says:

    I just made this to give to my parents to surprise them of my pregnancy. I added “WEEKS TILL BABY” on one side of the plaque so my mom wont need to change it everyday for months and then used the “DAYS TILL BABY” on the other side so when its closer she can flip it around and count down the days. It turned out amazing, thanks for the idea and the free printable blocks, it was hard to match the font but I was creative and managed really well.

  4. avatar Tara says:

    I got 2 inch blocks and they seem kinda large. I think the 1.5 /1.75 might fit better for the printable document. Are you sure it was 2 inch blocks? Cause i have fairly large boarders around my numbers using the 2inch blocks.

  5. avatar Kelsey says:

    I linked to your tutorial on my “Baby DIYs you can do BEFORE you find out the gender” Round up: Let me know if this isn’t okay.

  6. avatar Beth says:

    The printable is linked in the materials list and in the text. Open the link, download the image and print! Good luck with your project.

  7. avatar mommaB says:

    How do I get the free printable? I’ve tried several times to click on the “free printable” link and nothing. I have my platform and blocks painted for weeks now and getting frustrated!