About to Pop Baby Shower Favor with Free Printable

Coming up with the party favor for a baby shower is sometimes the hardest part of the planning process. The choices are many, and sometimes you just need to be inspired! As a rule, it’s always a good idea to give something consumable or of good quality for a party favor—your guests will appreciate it.

The “About to Pop” baby shower theme continues to be extremely popular, and paired with a favorite lip balm, these darling little printables are a perfect solution to the party favor dilemma. They’re super easy to put together, and your guests will ooh and ahh over how cute they are.

About to Pop Baby Shower Favor

Materials: free printable, scissors or paper cutter, 1.5″ punchEOS lip balm* (the printable uses the free font CAC Pinafore, if you don’t have the font you can download it for free from your favorite font website)

First, download the free printable. Then you get to completely personalize these cards! Click in the box that says “Type name here,” and fill in the name of the momma-to-be—make sure you type it in all four boxes! Print out the number of copies you need to make all your favors.

About to Pop Baby Shower Favor

Cut out the rectangles to make individual cards. Then use a 1.5 inch circle punch to punch out the balloon on each card.

About to Pop Baby Shower Favor

You’ll need to buy the EOS brand lip balm for this favor—it’s an amazing product, so you’re buying something awesome, promise! It’s sort of egg or ball-shaped, and it makes a perfect balloon. Just unscrew the balm to open it up, center the bottom half under the punched out hole, then screw the lid back on the balm. The paper will be held tight between the plastic bits when you close it up.

About to Pop Baby Shower Favor

About to Pop Baby Shower Favor - Project Nursery

Of course if you have other ideas on how to use these cards with a shower favor, the balloon doesn’t have to be punched out and you can use them as regular hang tags. Be creative!

*EOS lip balm can be found at Amazon, Target, Walgreens. Prices can vary depending on whether stores have them on sale. Amazon sometimes carries them in bulk.

Editor’s Note: Paula also created a super cute printable invitation to match these favors, which you can find on her site Frog Prince Paperie.



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    This is so cute! I’m planning a shower for a friend and this is perfect! I tried to change the text but it doesn’t keep the same nice font. It changes it and doesn’t give me an option to edit it. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for making this available for free!

  4. 4

    I love love love these. But when I go to type my font it doesn’t have the font nice like it does in the picture example. It is covering the words above it. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for making this available for free!!

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  6. 7

    I’m running into the same issue!! Has anyone figured it out yet??
    I’m hosting my girlfriends baby shower in a week and this would be super cute!

  7. 8

    Hi ladies, we did some investigating. The printable uses the free font CAC Pinafore. If you don’t have it on your computer, you can download from your favorite font website in order to complete the customization. We apologize for this extra step!

  8. 9

    Hi there! Super cute and really wanted to use these for my cousin’s baby shower however, when I type in her name it is not centered in the line, it is much closer to the “Thanks for popping by” and there is a big space between the name and the last line of “Baby Shower”. I downloaded the correct font so that is working, it’s just the centering that is off. Any help?

  9. 10

    Lauren I am having the same issue. I have the font, but can’t get it to center properly between the two lines. Did you have any luck?

  10. 11

    Lauren-I did! I was trying to enter the name in the browser. When I opened the file in the Adobe application it worked!

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  12. 13

    is there a good place to find these in bulk providing a price break? I am going to need to make 40 of them

  13. 14

    I agree with the other Sarah. Has anyone found a place to buy the Eos balms in bulk? They’re pretty pricey.

  14. 15

    I am planning to buy those Lindt truffles, individually wrapped. I think if I tape the wrapper twist ends on the back, it should be about the right size to replace the eos. If they are a little smaller, I can cut the holes a little smaller. Might be a less costly option to consider.

  15. 16

    Very cute idea but very hard to execute. Unfortunately when it prints out it prints out crooked. This makes it impossible to cut horizontally between the four cards. Because it is crooked it cuts into some of the lines. I guess you can cut beyond the lines but then that cuts into the design.
    Also you will have to buy the Martha Stewart punch all over punch because a regular circular punch will not reach the balloon area even when each card is cut out.
    And then of course there is the problem of trying to save the design. It will only save the original design and will not save it with the names added.
    Unless you have a boatload of patience and $$ resources I wouldn’t attempt this design. As I said it is very clever and cute but not worth the trouble and cost to use.
    Finally the eos lip gloss is very expensive. I found five for $10+ at Costco which is a pretty good price unless you have a bunch to buy.

  16. 17

    Love these thank you. Is there a way to change the color on them? For those asking about EOS buying them in bulk. I have Amazon prime- so free shipping. Ordered them from there. They arrived in 2 days. Bought 20 for $60.

  17. 19

    Is this “about to pop” printable compatible with MAC? The printable I get is a pdf so I’m not able to input the Baby’s name. Is there another way to get this printable?

    Thank you!

  18. 20

    They are compatible with Mac. You just have to click in the area where the name goes to begin typing. Please note, if you do not have the font Paula used, your computer will substitute it with another font. Good luck!

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  21. 23

    I tried to print these lovely “Pop” cards, but it won’t let me put my daughters name in. is it compatible with windows 10?

  22. 24

    Paula when I downloaded the colors had mostly black and not the pastel colors on your picture.

  23. 25
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  25. 28

    I know some of these comments are old but some of you were talking about the issue with the printable not centering correctly. Obviously if you have downloaded the font we know there’s another issue. So, I actually downloaded the .pdf file (scroll to the bottom of your screen and the option will pop up). You can open in Adobe and when you enter the text it WILL center correctly. Hope this helps somebody! LOVE this idea!

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  28. 31

    I click on the free printable and it takes me to it but it does not let me add the name to it. Please help.

  29. 32

    Hi Carol, You have to save it to your computer first in order to edit it. Save it and then reopen from where you saved it. Good luck planning the shower!

  30. 33

    Hello! Would you say strawberry sorbet, honeydew honeysuckle, passion fruit and sweet mint for the eos lip balm match the colors? Such a cute idea! Thank you!

  31. 34

    Hi! Did you print on regular paper? I was wondering if it was sturdy enough to hold the lip balm. Thank you!

  32. 35

    I have a mac – I downloaded the font and file and I don’t know how to open it in adobe now – any pointers? Thanks!

  33. 36

    Ali: I have a Mac also. If you downloaded the printable in .pdf format the file should go to your Downloads folder. On mine it’s in the bottom right corner of my dashboard (bottom right screen icons). Click on the Downloads and the link should be there. Just click on the file and if all goes well it’ll bring it up in Adobe. If that doesn’t work I’ll try to help further!

  34. 39
  35. 40

    When I printed out a sample on regular paper to try the template out, the + sign shows when I print it out. How do I get rid of those?

  36. 43

    Loved the idea! Had no problem printing out the cards and they look great. The problem is my 1.5 inch punch that I bought will not reach the balloon area. What brand did you use? Have already printed out the cards and bought the lip balms. Hope I don’t have to cut out all those circles by hand. HELP!

  37. 44
  38. 45

    My mom loved this idea and even though she isn’t a crafter is making them for my baby shower! The lady at Walmart probably thought we were crazy when we bought 40 EOS lip balms! It’s always nice to receive a favor gift you will actually use!

  39. 47

    Has anyone figured out which hole punch to use for these? I bought one but it doesn’t reach the balloon circle!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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