White Out

I’m in a white mood today. No color evokes a more fresh, serene and pure feeling. I love the idea of an all white nursery. I’m not convinced it would be the most practical in my house but I suppose bleach (the chemical free kind of course) would come in handy. Stepping into one of these nurseries would certainly brighten every blurry-eyed morning.


These beautiful nurseries come from a London based company called Chic Shack. Their designs and pieces are inspired by French and Swedish 18th century designs. I like the way they have added touches of natural, warm browns for added depth in this second nursery. And the white wash floor is amazing.


Modern more your speed? Here is an ultra sleek and modern white nursery. Do you have a white nursery to share with us? Log on to Project Nursery and submit your designs.



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    The white’s terrific and actually, my children’s bedrooms receive the least amount of traffic so it might be doable! I tend to gravitate towards a more contemporary design, but the rooms by the Chic Shack are amazing!

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