Funky Aunt Bucky!

She’ the coolest Aunt we’ve seen and we love seeing more of her! A while back I stumbled upon this hip little etsy shop named Aunt Bucky and I am kicking myself for not sharing their unique designs with you sooner. As you may already know, I am a sucker for a good silhouette so it’s no wonder why I swoon over their Modern Shadow Pillows

Call it boho-chic or over the top retro: Aunt Bucky’s lively crib bedding and bright quilts will guarantee a one of a kind nursery, full of personal style!

Visit Aunt Bucky’s blog to learn more about the sisters behind their lovingly handmade collection.


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    Finding such gems on the etsy site is very time consuming for me.

    Thanks for making it a little easier. Love Aunt Bucky.

  2. 2

    Thankyou for giving Aunt Bucky a shout out! We are so happy to offer unique modern baby bedding, decor + apparel to everyone!
    ‘made with love Aunt Bucky’
    Aunt Bucky

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