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How to Choose Nursery Curtains

Curtains and drapes do more than just keep the light out, they’re the finishing touch that can elevate a room’s style and functionality. This rule of thumb also applies for the nursery, playroom and toddler bedroom too! With our helpful guide, you will learn how to choose nursery curtains for your baby’s room. The right curtains or drapes can create a playful atmosphere, ensure restful sleep, and add a touch of magic!

Neutral Nursery with Velvet Curtains
Velvet Curtains in Neutral Gold Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

Several exciting trends are emerging in the world of curtains and drapes, making it the perfect time to refresh your little one’s space. Let’s explore some of the hottest trends and how you can incorporate them into your child’s haven. 

What Material Should I Select for Nursery Drapes?

Materials like natural linen and rich velvets are gracing windows this year, bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to children’s rooms. 

Gray Plaid Nursery
Two Pages Curtains in Gray Plaid Nursery by Alaina Atwood

Linen, known for its breathability and natural texture, is a perfect choice for nurseries and playrooms, offering a calming and airy feel. The viral Amazon find, Two Pages, offers a wide selection of linen curtains and drapes in various colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your child’s nursery or playroom. Additionally, the brand provides the option to purchase sample swatches for $10 dollars, allowing you to test all their colors in your space before making a commitment. The hard part is picking the color. 

Linen Curtain Swatch Ring

For a more opulent look, however, consider velvet drapes. While traditionally seen in formal settings, velvet drapes can add drama and elegance to a child’s bedroom. Opt for lighter colors like soft pink or baby blue to balance the richness of the velvet and create a whimsical ambiance. 

Pink and Blue Girls Nurser with Blue Velvet Drapes
Blue Velvet Half Price Drapes in Pink and Blue Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

My go-to brand is Half Price Drapes. I went with their Signature Velvet Black Out Panels for my daughter’s big girl room in “Primary White.” The quality and texture are insane for a 96 inch tall panel at just $64 each. I couldn’t get over it, so I continued the trend and purchased the same panels in “Off White” for our family room. 

Girls Room with Velvet Drapes

How to Add Pinch Pleats to Your Curtains

Who knew that pinch pleats, a classic drapery style, would be making a comeback in 2024. Pleats add formality and elegance to any window treatment, making them a great choice for both traditional and modern nurseries and bedrooms. 

Pinch Pleat Curtains in Gender Neutral Nursery
Pinch Pleat Curtains in Wildflower Girls Nursery by Molly Julian

Even if your curtains don’t have sewn-in pleats, you can achieve a similar look with a simple DIY hack. To transform existing drapes into pinch pleats, you’ll just need a sewing machine, pinch pleat tape and hooks

How to Train Your Curtains.

Regardless of your nursery curtain choice you’ll need to remove those pesky wrinkles and train the folds so the material hangs evenly. Invest in a portable steamer (this beats ironing your clothes any day) and painter’s tape

To help your new curtains develop a more consistent drape, this is where the painter’s tape comes in. Carefully fold the curtains in an accordion style, creating even folds throughout the fabric.

How to Train Your Curtains with Painters Tape

Once folded, secure the folds in several places using painter’s tape at the top, middle, and bottom of the curtains.

How to Train Your Curtains with Painters Tape
How to Train Your Curtains with Painters Tape

Leave the curtains in this position for 48 hours or more if you can. After removing the tape, the curtains should have a more even and consistent drape.

Yellow Nursery Curtains in Colorful Abstract Nursery

Embrace Bold Colors, Patterns + Embellishments. While classic solid colors will always have a place in a child’s room, this is the year to embrace bold and playful patterns or embellishments. The Shade Store offers an incredible range of customizable options, allowing you to create curtains and shades featuring anything from whimsical palm fronds to preppy plaids for a truly elevated look. With nationwide showroom locations, free design consultations, free swatches and professional measure and installation options, you are pretty much guaranteed to be happy with your decision. 

Yellow Velvet Curtains in Abstract Nature Nursery
Pom Pom Curtains (similar) in Pink and Orange Nursery by Nikki Riccoboni

Layer for Depth. Layering sheer curtains under solid-colored drapes is a popular trend that adds depth and dimension. This technique allows you to control light and privacy while injecting a touch of color and pattern. On their own however, sheer curtains can add a touch of romance and elegance to any space. They allow natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy feel, while still offering some privacy. Two Pages also offers a variety of sheer curtain options, making it easy to find the perfect match for your child’s room. Pair them with made-to-order custom cordless shades to achieve total black out when needed. 

Shannon Willardson Nursery

Now Bring it All Together. When it comes to drapery, allow for inspiration for different spaces. In the nursery, opt for natural fabrics like linen or organic cotton in calming neutral tones. Consider adding a blackout liner for complete light control during nap times. For the playroom, get playful with patterns and colors! Bold geometric shapes, stripes, or whimsical animal prints can add a touch of fun and personality. Lastly, let your child’s personality shine through in their big kid room. Choose curtains or drapes that reflect their favorite colors or hobbies. 

Double Layer Pink Curtains in Girls Nursery
Indie Pink Curtains in Girls Nursery designed by Foxy Oxie

By incorporating these curtain ideas and trends, you can create a stylish and functional space. Remember, the most important thing is to choose nursery curtains or drapes that reflect your child’s personality and create a comfortable and inviting environment. For younger children, always opt for cordless options to ensure safety.

How to Select Curtains for Your Nursery

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