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Ayana’s Sweet and Modern Room

  • Nella Atkinson

    Cute door sign. And when you enter, you get greeted by the sunny and cheery feel of the room. It’s the kind of room that exudes happiness.

  • Rose

    Lovely, I wish I would have saw this when my Ayana was born years ago!!! FYI, Ayana means beautiful flower in Swahili.

  • prts1006

    Thank you, Rose. Yes! I loved all the meanings of Ayana when we were picking names for her-

    Beautiful Flower (Swahili)

    Innocence (HIndi)

    “God Listens”(Japanese)

  • prst1006

    Thank you Nella, I wanted to keep door sign simple yet catchy :) I was pretty pleased how it went with the look of the room! This is the beauty in “Do-it-yourself” projects, you can mold so many things as per your choice!


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