Little Hunter’s Nursery

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We moved to our new home when Hunter was 3 months old. Her old nursery was gender neutral because we hadn't found out her sex before she was born. When we moved, we had the chance to re-design her space and we wanted to make it a little more feminine but keep it modern and make it something that she could grow into.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for her nursery was the handmade pink and grey quilt that has now found its home on her nursery chair.

Decorating Style

Simple & modern but in this case feminine and functional as well.

Project Details

Crib - Babyletto

Dresser, Bookshelf, Shelves, Chair, Rug & Overhead Light - Ikea

Wall Decals - Etsy: KathWren (

"Be a Kid" Artwork -  Etsy: Creative Wild Child (

Bird Hooks -  Umbra

Crib Sheet - Dwell Studio

Paint - General Paint (Grey: Threshold Grey; Pink: Ginger Pink)


Favorite Items

Besides the quilt, which was the inspiration for the room, I absolutely love the wall decal of her name in the stripe. It is such a great alternative to the wooden letters as I was able to choose it in the exact size and font I wanted!


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    I have seen this kind of overhead light many times before from previous nurseries being shared here, but this is the first time I’ve seen it lighted. I didn’t know it casts lovely patterned shadows on the walls and the ceiling. Really nice!

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    The post says Ikea. (Dresser, Bookshelf, Shelves, Chair, Rug & Overhead Light – Ikea
    I just checked online and they have them! I’m totally getting one! :)

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    i love the stripe of pink and white. Any tricks you can share to getting it so straight and perfect looking ?

  10. 10

    I love this! How wide is the pink stripe and how wide are each of the white stripes? How far down did you come down from the ceiling? We are looking to recreate this with navy blue!

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