Aqua and Gray Chevron Nursery

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A Project For



2 Months


Atlanta, Ga


This nursery was a labor of love and I had so much fun decorating it. I started gathering inspiration months before I was even pregnant. Pinterest and Project Nursery were instrumental in helping me find the inspiration I needed. By the time we found out we were expecting I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I created an inspiration board and began searching for the perfect pieces for my dream nursery. My budget was pretty tight so I decided to invest in a couple of items and the rest would be a combination of DIY Projects, Thrift store finds and gifts from friends and family. My mother and I both created artwork for the room and just about everything had a personal touch which was really special.

Design Inspiration

Pinterest and Project Nursery were HUGE when searching for inspiration and ideas. The first thing I knew I wanted was the Chevron pattern and then I decided on the Gray and Aqua color palette. Lucky for me those two colors as well as the Chevron pattern are pretty popular this year so I was able to find lots of fun accessories and everything else I painted to match.

Decorating Style

I love incorporating vintage elements such as old picture frames with modern colors and patterns such as the Chevron patterns. The fresh color palette lends itself to both styles and pulls everything together. The room has an eclectic quality which makes it both warm and interesting.

Project Details

Glacier Bay and Refreshing Pool Paint: Behr

Bedding: Custom Made

Fabrics: Carousel Designs

Dresser: Local Consignment Shop Refinished and Painted

Crib: Babies R' Us

Glider: Babies R' Us

Wicker Bookshelf: I have had this for years, I repainted it white.

Side Table: Garden Ridge

Curtains: Urban Outfitters, I lucked out and they were on clearance.

Lamp: Home Goods, The lamp shade was orange stripes so my Mom recovered the lamp shade using extra fabric.

Cloud Mobile: Gosh and Golly on Etsy

Wall Shelf: Goodwill, then I Repainted

Art Over Crib: Frame (Goodwill, then repainted by Me), Art (by Me)

Collage Art: Frames (Goodwill, then repainted by Me) Most of the Art Prints (by Me)

Fishy Fishy Art: Painted by My Mom

White Storage Boxes on Bookshelf: IKEA

Magazine Storage on Bookshelf: Target

Quatrefoil Mirror: Super cheap at Walmart, then I Repainted

Pillows: Made by Family Friend

Favorite Items

I honestly love everything about this room. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I do especially love the Cloud mobile. It is so simple. I Love the way the clouds gently float around at the slightest breeze, it is magical!


There are so many ways to replicate high end pieces on a small budget. Look online, visit flea markets or your local goodwill. When you see an item you have to look beyond its current state. You have to imagine a new coat of paint or new fabric. It is those special unique pieces that make a room great.


  1. 1

    What a lovely nursery! I love that you were so inspired by Pinterest and project nursery during the planning process. The clouds are so cute! And the color palette is so much fun. Thank you for sharing!

  2. 2

    This room looks really cool and breezy. It’s the kind of colors that melt away your stress after a hard day’s work.

  3. 3
    avatar disqus_isOJczs7WU

    Do you know what the name of the crib is?

  4. 4

    Thank you so much! It really was so much fun :)

  5. 5

    It is the “Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib” in white. We got ours at Babies R’ Us in Feb.

  6. 6

    Did you mix the two paints together for the wall color?

  7. 7

    I love this design…and I’m looking to do something similar. I would like to know if you mixed the paints as well. I’m going this weekend to get some samples!

  8. 8

    Thanks so much! The four main walls were painted with the Refreshing pool and the wall areas inside the bay window were the Glacier Bay by Behr.

  9. 9

    Hi! I have a question, you mentioned two paint colors, which was used on the walls? Thanks :) It’s beautiful!!!

  10. 10

    I love this nursery… love the colors and how detailed and crafty you are. I was wondering where did you get the vintage alarm clock… I would like to put one of those in my nursery. Thank you

  11. 11

    Hi Thanks so much!! The main walls were painted with Refreshing Pool by Behr.

  12. 12

    Thanks for the kind words! I had so much fun with this project. I knew I wanted this type of clock but I was surprised at how hard it was to find in my colors. I looked everywhere even online and finally I found this one at Hobby Lobby. It was originally pink but I spray painted it blue. I do think it adds a nice touch ;)

  13. 13
    avatar Skylar Bauer Baxter

    I adore this nursery. It’s done perfectly with the vintage elements and the modern design. I have been looking for inspiration that has that Anthroplogie feel. Great Job!

  14. 14

    I love the bedding and have been looking at Carousel to design our gender neutral bedding. do you know what fabric colors you used for this look?

  15. 15

    This is perfect. Lots of sweet personalized touches, and you didn’t have to break the bank to do it! Great job!

  16. 16

    where is the dresser / change table from?

  17. 18

    I LOVE THIS NURSERY! I too want to stick on a TIGHT budget as it is my third but I still want a special room for baby.. How much would you say it cost you to do the entire room? And, what was the hardest thing to do on your own? I LOVE the bedding which is the reason I pinned it but now I just LOVE the whole room lol!

  18. 19

    Could you please tell me what you used for the aqua tie on the curtains? I’m thinking of doing these colors and patterns for my 2 yr olds room in our new house. Thank you.

  19. 20

    Love this room? What is the color on the walls? I see you have two listed, but I can’t tell a difference in the pictures of two colors.

  20. 21

    I meant.. Love this room! ;)

  21. 22

    Hi the Dresser/Changing table was purchased at a Thrift store then
    repainted. I do believe though it was made for that purpose just not
    sure where it originated from.

  22. 23

    Hi Thanks so much for your sweet words!! I loved creating this perfect place for my perfect little man.

    I did the whole room for probably close to $850 and that included the glider ($300) and the Crib ($250). So most of everything else was either made by a family friend or purchased at Goodwill/Thrift stores or clearance finds.

    The hardest part was deciding on which fabric to go with. It is hard to tell how it will look in your room based on swatches. In the end I do love what I selected although I might have gone for a brighter blue on the Crib Skirt Pattern. But Carousel Designs are fabulous they let you create a virtual bedding collection online and you can mix and match the fabrics and choose different colors. It is fun to play with and really lets you customize your set. They will also send you swatches for just a couple of bucks. Totally worth it because then you can match everything else in the room to those swatches. I always had them in my purse just in case I came across something fabulous!

    Ok course the painting was physically the hardest part. Luckily my Mom came and did most of it as I was 8 months preggo at the time :) (Thanks Mom it looks fantastic)

    But I started off with an Inspiration board, most of which came from Pinterest. The board is still on my Pinterest page if your interested in seeing it ( ). It really helped me as I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted. It came our pretty close to what I envisioned from the beginning and I couldn’t be happier!!

  23. 24

    I used 1 1/2 inch Satin Ribbon from Joann’s. You buy it by the spool and I think I paid like $3 or $4.

  24. 25

    Thank you Thank you!! The four main walls were painted with the Refreshing
    pool by Behr and the wall areas inside the bay window were the Glacier Bay by
    Behr. They are close but the Glacier Bay is just a shade Lighter. My mom actually painted the ceiling as well with a mixture of the Glacier bay and white so it is even lighter and it just adds a nice touch :)

  25. 26

    Thanks LOL

  26. 27

    Hi! This is similar to the ideas I had for the nursery to be. Do you think this would go well with a grey crib and grey and white dresser?

  27. 28

    And how much was the bedding?

  28. 29

    Honest opinion? While the layout and color choices are beautiful, chevron is SO overdone, it looks so outdated dated already and there is way too much of it in this room.

  29. 30

    The bedding was actually made by a friend of the family. I purchased the fabric from Carousel Designs and –,
    I spent probably about $65 on the fabric.

  30. 31

    I think a grey crib would be very nice. I would suggest maybe adding some pops of white in the bedding or in other elements to brighten things up.

  31. 32

    thanks for your suggestion. Do you think the paint color refreshing pool would work on the walls? ALso, I looked on carousel designs and found bedding we like with some white in it. Do you think that the blue nursery chair has to be the same tones as the wall and bedding?

  32. 33

    What thrift store did you find the change table at if you don’t mind me asking.

  33. 34

    What thrift store was it purchased at?

  34. 35

    Hi Pam, I purchased the Dresser from Decorating Mart in Kennesaw, GA. It is a Home Decor/Fabric store with some consignment furniture. The dresser was a consignment dresser.

  35. 36

    I purchased the Dresser from Decorating Mart in Kennesaw, GA. It is a Home Decor/Fabric store with some consignment furniture. The dresser was a consignment dresser.

  36. 37

    Hi Orly, I do think Refreshing Pool woudl work on the walls as that is what I used on our walls and I LOVE it!! asa for the blue chair. I think it could be lighter or darker but should be the same tones. If might be best to go with a grey or white, or another accent color, chair if you are having a hard time finding blues that match

  37. 39

    What a beautiful nursery – modern yet comforting! Such a nice job.

  38. 40

    Did you mix the two paint colors together?

  39. 41

    I love your crib! It matches a dresser i want to get. What is the name of it?

  40. 42

    I love this color! Did you mix the two colors together? When I was at Home Depot, the colors didn’t look the same as in your picture. I know it is hard to tell on a computer screen. Home depot wouldn’t mix the two together so I just wanted to know how you got your color. Thanks!

  41. 43

    I am silly…just saw these posts…I got a color swatch of both those colors and they look way more blue than the aqua that it looks like in the picture….I am nervous to get the sample and have it not be the color shown! Did you notice that when you were picking out the color?

  42. 44

    This photo (I found on Pinterest a year ago) is what I modeled my twins’ nursery around – we did grey and white accent striped wall and chevron crib sheets with an accent color of light blue! You can see how we decorated out twins’ nursery – DIY style – on my blog:

  43. 45

    It is the “Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib” in white. We got ours at Babies R’ Us in Feb 2013

  44. 46

    Hi, The four main walls were painted with the Refreshing pool and the wall areas inside the bay window were the Glacier Bay by Behr. The only time we mixed the colors was for the ceiling. We mixed Glacier bay with White. Other than that they are straight from the cans. Its hard to tell with Paint. I know when we first started it looked different but by the time it dried it was much lighter. You just have to experiment a bit :)

  45. 47

    Hi Jessica, The four main walls were painted with the Refreshing pool and the wall areas inside the bay window were the Glacier Bay by Behr. The only time we mixed the colors was for the ceiling. We mixed Glacier bay with White. Other than that they are straight from the cans.

  46. 48

    I love to hear that, Great job on your Nursery. It looks great!!

  47. 49

    Hi! I stumbled on your nursery while searching for ideas to decorate my baby’s nursery and fell in love with it!! I was specifically looking for creative ways to put up decor on the walls and love the set up you have above the changing table!! What did you use to create the wall art?

  48. 51

    Where did you get the print of the Dr. Seuss quote?

  49. 52

    Hi cynkay,
    I created the wall art myself on my computer using the software Adobe Illustrator and inspiration from Project Nursery and Pinterest!

  50. 53

    I LOVE this room!! I was wondering if you knew the name of the glider you purchased?

  51. 54

    Aqua & grey just went on sale at Lublini VIP lounge, warmly recommended. Although bedding takes a little longer as it is custom made, it’s SO worth the wait :)

  52. 55

    What fabric color did you use @ carousel designs. I’m having a hard time finding that aqua color in fabric

  53. 56

    What fabric colors did you use, finding a Hardtime picking the best aqua color

  54. 58

    I love everything about this room! Is the art you created available anywhere?

  55. 59

    Hi Francesca, Thank you so much for your kind words. A few of the Art prints are available via my Etsy site If there is something you do not see on the shop please feel free to message me as it might still be available.

    Thanks so much,

  56. 60

    I’m having a hard time finding a rocker/glider that I like, but I love this one. Do you remember the name of it?

  57. 61

    Hi Jessica, Yes it was the Rosie Glider and we purchased it from Babies R’ Us in 2013. I dont think they have the exact one, although now they have one that looks almost identical but is called the “Lily Upholstered Glider – Ivory”. Maybe they just changed the name ;).

  58. 62

    Beautiful nursery!! Mine is very similar, with aqua and grey chevron but I also added lime green accents. I was wondering how you installed the curtains? I rent and am not allowed to drill holes, so i’m looking for an alternative way to hang them. (A tension rod inside the window is not an option because the shades stick out to far)

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