Modern Woodland Nursery

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Gender neutral nursery for our first baby (due any day now).

Design Inspiration

My parents house, which is located at the last hydro pole in the middle of no where.  When you wake up in the morning you are looking out a large window with lots of trees, a couple bird houses and sometimes birds or squirrels in those houses.

I then went through ProjectNursery and Pinterest to find all the examples I could. It wouldn't have come together without either of these sites. So many nice nurseries out there!

Decorating Style

Modern, clean ....I am a libra, I like balance.

Project Details

This room came together from a lot of places. I loves searching the internet for the perfect item.

Curtains, Bedding and Change Pad - Etsy - Modifiedtot -

Pictures of Bear, Moose & Wolf - Etsy - Wildpulp -

Bird Mobile - Etsy - Babyjives -

Quilt - Etsy - AugustQuilting -

Tree Decals - Etsy - StyleWalls -

I would recommend any of these etsy vendors, they were all great to work with.

Gnome Light and Tree Stump Jar are from

Rocker is a Dutailer from a local store in Toronto

Rug is from Target

Books Shelves are Ikea

Stuffed animals and Owl Clock are from

Crib, Dresser and Nightstand -Concord Baby Furniture -

Favorite Items

I really love the little rabbit on the crib.  I also love love love the quilt.


Personally I love to find things on Etsy.  You just get great unique hand made stuff.  Just be sure to read the reviews, look at multiple stores, and understand prices differences so you find the right vendor to work with. It might cost you a little more, but you won't be disappointed with what you get.

See if there are any Baby Furniture Warehouses in your area.  We saved a fortune going directly to them instead of a box store or boutique baby store.


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