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Coastal Organic Toddler Boy Room

Big boy room upgrade! We decided to go with a fun bold pineapple print to match our beautiful blue linen bedding. I chose a natural finish bed, and a neutral carpet with to pair with the eye-catching wallpaper. This keeps it fun, but will also work with him as he grows! We tried to incorporate other textures like natural wood bookshelves, leather floor poufs and white textured linen black out curtains to keep an organic minimalist feel.

National Park Shared Boys’ Room

A shared bedroom fit for two adventurous little boys!
I have been working on a little room refresh for our youngest two boys, Conway (3) and Stone (2). The inspiration for their room came from some vintage postcards we bought while on vacation and it has since evolved into a National Park/adventure themed room.
Their room cannot accommodate two twin beds without sacrificing on play space, so I opted for bunk beds! We love how the bunk beds have allowed the boys to have a nice, big area to play and run around. One of the biggest things I did before starting their room refresh was minimize toys. Toys accumulate so quickly around here! The boys have one toy storage cabinet with 9 small, felt bins that holds all of their toys and isn’t an eye sore for their room. If there is one thing I have learned with my boys’ rooms, it’s that less is more!
The star of the room is definitely the Hot Air Balloon wallpaper from Livette’s. Isn’t it darling?! I love the vintage feel it brings to the room and it plays along so well with the National Park theme. I chose to go with hot air balloons to always remind my boys to seek adventure, be brave and fearless and to always “fly” wherever the Lord leads them in life.

Hot Air Balloon Toddler Room

During designing my son bedroom I was focused on details and colors. I wanted to add some unique accents, which is hard to find in regular stores. My idea was to use and mix few colors like green, yellow and navy blue and still stay in minimal look. You can find here a vintage pieces and some modern accents as well. I use wallpaper on one wall and green paint to get more color to bedroom. I feel this room is perfect for my toddler.

The Twins Toddler Room

I choose this project because my family had just recently moved from Florida to Georgia.  I wanted to make my twin two year old girls feel comfortable in their new home and especially their new bedroom.  I wanted to give the girls room an update from their nursery back in Florida to a big girl room in our new home.
My inspiration for the room was this beautiful wildflower wallpaper. I wanted something fresh, bright and feminine for the girls room.  I wanted a design that was tranquil for them, making their transition from the only bedroom they had known to their new room.
My advice would be to take your time and plan out all aspects of your toddlers room.  You want the bedroom to be something that your kids enjoy as well as being a practical space. Lastly have fun with it.  It’s a time to collaborate with your children and come up with a beautiful design that makes both you and children happy.

Boho Pink Woodland Nursery

It was so lovely to work in this old Toronto home as I was able to accentuate unique features that give the space character — like vertical wall paneling, decorative air vent covers and painted shiplap inside the closet. Typically, we would have wallpapered the feature wall adjacent to the window; however, we decided to leave the wall paneling as is and created a focal point next to it with wallpaper and a hanging felted swan above a white and natural crib. Sometimes an atypical room layout can actually work to your advantage as it feels a bit more distinct to the space you’re working with!
To draw the eye up, we installed a rattan and linen pendant and switched out the previous window treatments with an antique brass curtain rod and blackout curtain panels installed as high to the ceiling as possible. We filled the space with beautiful textural elements like a pink faux sherling armchair, rattan mirror and doll bed, wool blanket, acrylic book ledges and fluted side table. To play with various patterns against the whimsical woodland wallpaper, we sourced a blush floral crib sheet, star cushion and floral art print. Don’t be scared to mix patterns — this can really bring depth to an overall room design. We didn’t want the space to feel too matchy matchy, so we mixed in blush pink tones with sage and olive greens, soft blues and even some brighter pops of yellow. The colour story really helps to carry the eye around the space.
It was important for my clients to maximize the available floor space for play, so instead of a large dresser we opted for an open oak bookcase to display books and toys and added a functional (and oh so cute) reading corner. I was also tasked to make the most of their tiny closet, so we found a small shelf with rattan drawers and used other various bins to keep clothes divided and neatly categorized.
There is no shortage of sweetness in this whimsical woodland nursery; from colour coordinated book selections, to specialty wooden ice cream toys and dolls… magic awaits!
Photography: Heidi Lau