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The Twins Toddler Room


I choose this project because my family had just recently moved from Florida to Georgia.  I wanted to make my twin two year old girls feel comfortable in their new home and especially their new bedroom.  I wanted to give the girls room an update from their nursery back in Florida to a big girl room in our new home.

My inspiration for the room was this beautiful wildflower wallpaper. I wanted something fresh, bright and feminine for the girls room.  I wanted a design that was tranquil for them, making their transition from the only bedroom they had known to their new room.

My advice would be to take your time and plan out all aspects of your toddlers room.  You want the bedroom to be something that your kids enjoy as well as being a practical space. Lastly have fun with it.  It's a time to collaborate with your children and come up with a beautiful design that makes both you and children happy.