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Advent Baskets for Christmas

And on the 12th day.. before Advent.. Momma Elf was busy preparing the Advent Calendars and Gift Boxes to kick off the season on December 1st! I always begin with the sweetest seasonal pajamas, new ornaments based on new interests, seasonal books, and a few extra special items to add in some extra Christmas Magic 💫

Donut Shop Valentines and other LOVELY ideas

My girls and I LOVE a celebration! Valentines Day or Galentines Day is up there with our favorites! Each year since my eldest has been in school, she’s wanted to share her Donut Shop Valentines with her classmates. They are a super sweet spin on a regular valentine! Plus, enjoy some inspiration for my Love Baskets, some favorite Valentine books, and Galentines party ideas!

Printable Halloween party decor

Easy Halloween decor

My sister is a kids illustrator and this year I asked her to help us prepare to Halloween party for our 3 kids. And here is a result. I like this easy way to decor our entrance. Looking forward for some windows decoration as well.
It’s super easy craft for kids (you will need just print, cut and fold it) and looks very cute.
You can find her printable Halloween party decor here:
Happy decorating)

Outdoor Halloween Party

Every year we invite our friends over for a holiday party! This year, we were lucky with the amazing weather to host an outdoor halloween crafting party. The kids all painted a canvas and received a treat bag with goodies to get them into the Halloween spirit.

Sweetest Easter Baskets

I always love a classic and classy Easter basket. Enjoy these feminine and fun ideas for your fanciest of friends! Current and past ideas included.

Ladies and Lattes Galentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love to everyone, “But  first gal pals”.  I like to get together with the gals before Valentine’s Day and celebrate with a Galentine’s Day party.  This year’s  theme is ladies and lattes.  I came up with this theme because we all love our lattes period.  I made it super fun and girly with shades of pink, blush and red and I’ve chosen floral and balloons as the main decor pieces for this event.
The day unfolds with a dessert and a beverage cart loaded with scrumptious foodie and delicious lattes.  We celebrated with lots of laughter sipping lattes, sharing the good old jokes and some bubbly to cheer on our strong friendship.

Vintage Kids Halloween Party

Cats, Bats & Ghosts, oh my! I knew I wanted it a little bit vintage-y. And was going for black cats and ghosts and bats. I had an idea for a DIY chandelier to hang above the kids table. I covered a hula hoop with white streamer paper and taped strands of tissue fringe in different lengths to give it a whimsey feel. You can get tissue fringe at Michaels in a variety of colors. I hand cut bats from card stock and taped them on. Quick and easy! The snack table had PB & J “Spider” sandwiches, Ghost Peeps cupcakes, Bat Push Pops and Popcorn bags we crafted with gold cats.