It’s Spring. Let’s Refresh that Gallery Wall with Free Printable Art!

free printables

Happy Spring! I love this time of the year. It’s a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. And perhaps, it’s also a great time to refresh a gallery wall. I am so excited to share two free printables with you today. […]


3 Free Printable Art Prints Just Right for Your Nursery Gallery Wall

Sometimes all we need is one more piece of artwork to finish up that dreamy gallery wall, right? Well, if you are looking to refresh your walls, or if you want to get your hands on some cute FREE art, this is your lucky day. […]


Here’s What’s Trending in the Nursery this Week

The walls have… originality! Whether your nursery or big kid room’s walls are there to make a huge statement or provide a beautiful backdrop for your design, this week’s roundup of trending decor will give you inspiration. […]


String Art Initial Made Modern

Modern String Art Initial

We put together a super easy DIY project that is sure to add something unique to your gallery wall. Using cork, small nails and white yarn, we created some crafty wall art to feature baby’s initial. […]


The Easiest DIY Boho Wall Hanging You’ll Ever Find

DIY Boho Hoop

Today I am sharing this super cute, on trend boho wall hoop that is the perfect complement to your little’s nursery, upgraded bedroom or playroom! […]


This 1-Minute DIY is the Perfect Way to Display all those Baby Insta Shots!

Magnetic Picture Holders

We’ve created a very simple, yet adorable, photo holder that is great for showcasing your printed Instagram pictures, monthly calendars or seasonal art prints. And to make this DIY project even more fun, we shot a video for you. […]