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String Art Initial Made Modern

We put together a super easy DIY project that is sure to add something unique to your gallery wall. Using cork, small nails and white yarn, we created some crafty wall art to feature baby’s initial. There is really a ton of ways to customize this project so it works with your space.

DIY String Art InitialBarcode Wall Art | Eat Sleep Repeat Banner

The cork board can be painted, instead of stained. You can also have a colorful or neon-looking yarn instead of a white one. Or, perhaps, you can also put the cork board aside and nail straight into the wall. The possibilities are endless. But here is how we created this natural-colored and simple wall art to blend with our new gallery wall.

DIY String Art InitialMaterials: square cork board (size 12×12 inches), natural-colored stain, white yarn, small nails, and gold spray paint.

DIY String Art Initial

1. Stain the cork board. One time is enough. We decided to stain it because we wanted the cork to shine a bit more.
2. Spray paint the nails gold (or you can also find brass nails at the hardware store). The picture is not showing the gold so well, but we really liked how the gold nails blend with the cork board.
3-4. Using a letter template, contour the letter using the nails, add one nail for each corner, and then a few in between so you can create the zig-zag pattern.
5. Once the nails are in place, first you will want to create the outline of the letter. So start by tieing a knot at the first nail and then connect the dots!
6. For the outline of the V, I went over with the yarn three times on each nail. Once that was done, we tied a knot around that same first nail.
7. In order to create the zig-zag pattern you can go over the random nails just 2 times.
8. Assembly can be done by nailing the wall art to the wall, or by using a thick permanent double-sided tape.

DIY String Art Initial

What do you think? Are you ready to add baby’s initials to your gallery wall? To see more DIY projects, visit here.

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