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A lot of my clients ask me about how to choose a rug for the nursery. The nursery is a tricky space because it’s typically the smallest room in the house, and finding a rug that properly fits within the furniture scheme can be daunting. Plus, how do you know what size to even look for? Should it float in the middle of the floor? What if you already have carpet? All of these are legitimate questions, and I will answer all of them (and more) below! […]

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Nursery rugs are getting an upgrade. While yes, they’ve always be a soft spot for baby to do tummy time, crawl and explore, with the new creative designs available, nursery rugs can practically be elevated to artwork for your floors. […]

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I have to confess, one of my least favorite items to shop for is rugs. I have never been a huge fan of the “one-size-fits-all” idea, and usually if I find something that I love, it either doesn’t come in the color or size that I need. That was until I discovered FLOR. They open …

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