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Design Board: Lavender and Turquoise Nursery

Determining your color palette is a great place to start when planning the nursery, and we often get asked what colors are trending. When it comes to girls rooms, we have seen a shift from classic pink to other feminine colors such as lavender. With this in mind, we used NoJo’s Harmony collection as inspiration for this bright and cheery, but still very “girly,” design board.

We brought in both the plum and turquoise colors from the bedding as accents to a pale lavender. Turquoise makes everything look more vibrant, and I just love the way it pops. The turquoise beaded chandelier has been a long-time favorite, and I think it would be stunning in any nursery. What do you think about this look?

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  1. avatar BuenaMano says:

    That’s okay, you don’t have to decide. It’s not like it matters. I personally find it adorable.

  2. avatar Recreate says:

    I still can’t decide if I like this color combination or not. A part of me finds it pretty, yet a part of me doesn’t.

  3. avatar Zen says:

    I super love this color scheme! So pretty to look at, so delicate, so feminine without being overly girly.

  4. avatar Brett says:

    I like the colors but the bedding looks terrible. Maybe it’s the lighter turq walls, but it seems like a dumbed-down version of what could be a great color combo.

  5. Bravo on a brave color combo that is totally unique and fresh. Adore the embroidered floral touches that add the feminine slant to this collection.

  6. avatar Pam says:

    Hi Cgriffin, Yes, Beth is correct, it’s DaVinci. All the details for this board can be found here.


  7. avatar Beth says:

    Cgriffin, it’s the DaVinci Parker Changing Table.

  8. avatar cgriffin says:

    can you tell me where the changing table is from?