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We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Nurseries

DIY Painted Globe - Project Nursery

With today being Earth Day we got to thinking how often we spot the Earth featured in nurseries in our gallery. Whether with maps, globes or cool DIY projects, there are lots of different ways to incorporate our beautiful planet into the nursery. […]


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Five Going Green Tips

You are bringing a new baby into the world. Of course, you want to protect the world that you are bringing him or her into. Here are some simple ways to help keep our babies’ world a little greener as we celebrate Earth Day.


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Giveaway: A Day At Method + Giveaway!

Most mornings when my alarm goes off I feel like it’s Groundhog day. So, when I had the opportunity to forgo the Lululemon ensemble for some spiffy duds and escape the everyday ho hum routine, I leaped at the chance. I had a date to spend the morning with the team at Method, the “people against dirty”, to learn about their newest products.


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Eco-Friendly Finds for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! What a great time to teach our children how we can all make a difference on this planet. Our hats go off to all the wonderful eco-conscience companies catering to our kids. Here’s a round up featuring a few favored eco-friendly pieces we hope you’ll consider for your next kiddie room redo…


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It’s Now Easy Being Green

In honor of Earth Day I wanted to highlight this awesome furniture company that specializes in kid furnishings AND sustainable design. You may recognize a few of their pieces from older posts but…with their attention to detail  in respect to their environmental responsibilities, it’s worth taking a second look.  So without further ado, here is Argington Modern Children’s Furniture.   As


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Giveaway: Children Inspire Design

Next week marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. What better way to kick of our week long celebration than by introducing mother, artist and philanthropist Rebecca Peragine of Children Inspire Design. Whether it’s her use of recyclable mediums,  the contemporary ethnic flair of her artistry or the fact that her latest line comes in eight different languages, Rebecca shares a message you will