Giveaway: A Day At Method + Giveaway!

Most mornings when my alarm goes off I feel like it’s Groundhog day. So, when I had the opportunity to forgo the Lululemon ensemble for some spiffy duds and escape the everyday ho hum routine, I leaped at the chance. I had a date to spend the morning with the team at Method, the “people against dirty”, to learn about their newest products. Method is well known for their fun and yummy smelling hand wash which comes in those sleek little bottles, but what you might not know is that they have grown into a mini mecca of cleanliness that’s safe for the entire family!

A team of Method employees with quirky titles like the “Laundress” and the “Squire of Scoop” hosted the event for local San Francisco bloggers so that we could experience their new products first hand. Although I’ve tried to become more green with my cleaning products, it has been difficult to completely give up my 409 and Scrubbing Bubbles (hello potty accidents!). However, I quickly realized that I didn’t need to worry about sacrificing cleanliness when it came to Method products. Their products are not only effective but safe for the entire home.

One of their newest products was created with both tot and parent in mind. The Disney branded Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Foaming Hand Wash will get kids excited to keep clean and won’t make mom and dad cringe every time they see the bottle. I’m so in love with their Squeaky Green Baby Hair + Wash which is made with rice milk and mallow. In fact, I’m considering buying an extra bottle for my own shower!

Another exciting new product to join the Method family is their super concentrated laundry detergent. They were able to formulate a detergent that is both safe and gentle and super green by removing the water resulting in 80% less packaging. You’ll then ultimately use much, much less –  just four pumps to be exact, with each bottle still getting 50 loads clean. Makes great sense and they have basically made it dummy proof for the busy multi-tasking parent. I can’t be the only confused parent that can’t figure out the multiple lines on those little cups, right?

Thank you to the folks at Method for a fun and informative day!

WIN IT: Method is putting together Happy & Healthy Product Gift Sets for TWO lucky PN readers – a $60 value each. To enter, visit Method and tell us which Method product you use in your home or which product you’d love to try by commenting on this post below. Contest ends Friday, June 3rd, 2011 at 11:59 PST.


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    I would love to try the baby bundle. I know my girls would like to get dirty just to try out the cute containers they’re in.

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    We use a lot of Method products in our house. We like to stock up at the holidays on the Cinnamon Bark hand soap! It’s the one my husband always comments on how much he loves the way it smells. :) I see now that you can buy it all year around on their website. YAY!

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    I think the laundry soaps are fantastic, I’d love to try the lavender cedar and the sweet pea! Also, you can never get enough all-purpose cleaning wipes… the orange zest scent sounds fantastic!

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  34. 34

    I ALWAYS use Method all purpose cleaner around my house. Ever since Target started carrying it, I’ve loved it! My husband even loves the smell, and he is super picky about household cleaners.

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    I use several Method products already in the kitchen, bathroom, cleaning but haven’t tried the baby line. I would definitely love to try the baby line :)

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    We use Method hand wash. I buy them at Target. Love their scents, and work great. I have not tried Laundry Detergent yet, but I am planning to purchase it when my current detergent is finished.

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  40. 40

    I’ve been a subscriber of your weekly newsletter for some time, and I do read each one! Thank U, Project Nursery!

  41. 41

    My favorites are the Sweet Water hand soap and the Almond floor cleaner for wood floors. Our Target is starting to phase out some of their Method products (especially for babies), which disappoints me to no end.

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    I love the wood floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaners and window cleaner. I use them exclusively. My son has asthma and your products do NOT bother him at all!!!! Thank you for making such a great product that works so good.

  45. 45

    I use the Method Laundry Detergent pump bottles. They are compact and efficient and use less plastic which I love!

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  47. 47

    I use the Method Laundry Detergent – it’s the best. And I also use the hand soaps. They are awesome too.

  48. 48

    We love Method products and have replaced all our toxic, chemical-ridden, unnatural products with your clean, healthy products!

  49. 49

    Love your laundry detergent! It works great and I appreciate the small package it comes in – no more huge plastic bottles to get rid of!

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    Following both on facebook and twitter. Signed up for newsletters. Love all the method products because they are eco friendly but my favorite is the pink grapefruit cleaner, it always leaves a fresh clean scent.

  53. 53

    I love Method! I use the Lavender Cedar laundry soap and love pulling my clothes out of the washer… mmmm… :-) I’d love to try lots of other products, too! :-)

  54. 54

    I Liked Project Nursery and Method on Facebook, I Follow Project Nursery and Method on Twitter, and I just Subscribed to your Weekly Newsletter

  55. 55

    I currently use the HE laundry detergent and Love it! However I’d like to try the mickey + minnie mouse hand soap as I have a 2 yr old that LOVES Mickey, so this might encourage him to wash his hands!

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  57. 57

    I am using the Method laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and bathcleaner … LOVE them all and will be adding to my method arsenal!

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  61. 61

    I am a LONGTIME fan of Method products and now find that I can’t use anything else to clean! I am going to become a new aunt in June, and I would LOVE to try the BABY BUNDLE for my new newphew to keep him safe, clean, green, and smelling sweet!! :)

  62. 62
  63. 63

    I love all method products and especially how good they are for the environment. I use the handsoap all the time – but not the mickey one…how adorable. I would love to try to laundry soap liquid you pump!

    Keep up the great work – and know…we love coupons. Since your products are a o little pricier, your fans really appreciate a great coupon now and then : )

    I liked both sites on facebook, I tweeted and facedbook posted both sites, I commented and signed up for the newsletter…good to go!

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    I love EVERYTHING Method! But my favorite items are Wood for Good and the Daily Shower. Awesome products!

  67. 67

    I also already “liked” Method on Facebook, but I also “liked” Project Nursery!!!!!! :)

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    We use tons of Method products in our house. I love them because they are safe for us, safe for the environment , they actually do what they are supposed to do and they smell good! One of my faves is the eucalyptus scrub. I use it on my sons bathtub. It works great! I just bought some of the dishwasher drops to try out this week.. I would love to try out the Mickey Mouse soap. My son would love it!

  71. 71

    The Method Laundry detergent is THE best! It works great to remove stains and it doesn’t take up a ton of space, plus they now sell re-fills so we can reuse the bottle and not use recycling energy or landfill space. I also love the Pink Grapefruit All-Surface Cleaner – works great on kitchen counters, stainless steel, even on my yucky stovetop, plus it smells fab! Oh and I know you only wanted 2, but you really should try the Wood For Good – it cleans and lubes your wood and smells like almonds, divine!

  72. 72

    Mentioned you on both FB and Twitter. Can’t wait. Love method products and I agree the cute little Disney hand washes will want the kids to wash their hands all day long =]

  73. 73
  74. 74

    I love Method products… I use the dish soap, laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, hand soap, wood cleaner, etc… I also use them in my customers homes (housecleaning.) Love method & project nursery on fb… would love to win the giveaway! : ) Thanks!!!

  75. 75
  76. 76

    I use EVERYTHING Method. My laundry soap is Method, my cleaners are Method, the only product I have not yet tried is the Bathroom cleaners. I’ve tried the shower cleaner but I would LOVE to get my hands on the toilet cleaner and the new Mickey and Minnie soaps look awesome-combining my two loves-Method and Disney :).

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  82. 82

    This would be wonderful! We use the method hand soaps and cleaning sprays all over the house! I’ve yet to try the detergent and bath products, though, and I’d really like to! Thanks.

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  84. 84

    I’m following both PN and Method on Facebook, and I subscribe to the newsletter. I love Method, especially the baby laundry detergent, the dryer sheets, and the children’s hand soap. Wonderful products!

  85. 85

    Most of the cleaning products I use in my home are Method (my favorite products are the Wood for Good wood cleaner, & the all purpose spray (pink grapefruit smells heavenly!). However, since having my first daughter who is now a year old, I can’t live without the Method Baby Squeaky Green hair & body wash which is made with rice milk! I also love using the Method Baby laundry detergent pump, all the while knowing that I am providing my baby with the best & healthiest care that I can! I wish that Method would come out with a line of shampoo and conditioner for adults! :-)

  86. 86
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  88. 88

    I would love to try the method kids 3 in 1 squeaky clean wash. Anything that makes my life easier, I love! Plus, the apple scent sounds great for my boys. vmvazquez83 at yahoo dot com

  89. 89
  90. 90

    I use a variety of Method products at home, but my favorites are probably the French Lavender All Surface cleaner and the Sea Minerals Multi-Surface cleaner.

  91. 91

    I use most of the Method products. I love that they are eco friendly and that they don’t test on animals. The fact that the house smells clean and fresh instead of chemically just makes it all the better. I use the bathroom cleaners, the dish soap, the laundry detergent, the wood cleaner, the floor cleaner, the glass cleaner, and the all purpose cleaner. I recommend Method to everyone I know.

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  96. 96

    I use the laundry detergent, the dishwashing tablets, the dish soap, and the hand soap. Just love all their products!

  97. 97

    Hi! I just liked your Facebook page and gave you a shout. I have been liking Method for a long while. I also just newly subscribed to your newsletter!
    The products I currently use from Method are Eucalyptus Mint Bathroom Spray, Lavender All Purpose Spray, Window Cleaner. I have wood cleaner I havent used yet. Items I used in the past were, laundry detergent, dryer sheets (miss them something terrible), Cucumber all purpose (didnt care for the scent), Grapefruit all purpose (loved the clean but love lavender scent better and cleans just as well), limited ed. mango handwash.
    Products I would love to try but can not find in my area as of yet are: Clementine all purpose spray, dish detergent and hand wash.
    My home is 85% toxic and chemical cleaning free and almost done with the items that are toxic and soon to be replaced for good!

  98. 98

    I love method! we use the antibacterial bathroom cleaner, antibacterial kitchen cleaner, the dish pump the most at home! i do my best to use only safe, green cleaning products! i’m a mommy fo two with one on the way and don’t want to expose any of my children to toxins. :o]

  99. 99
  100. 100

    i use method for pretty much everything! (wood floors, dishes, windows, bath…) my favorite is the smell of the fresh air laundry soap!

  101. 101

    I love Method products and have been looking everywhere for the Mickey and Minnie soaps for my daughter!

  102. 102
  103. 103
  104. 104

    I use a LOT of Method products – they are pretty much the only cleansers I use in my house. I love the Squirt and Mop almond scent, the clementine dish soap, the Antibac kitchen spray in lemon verbena, and ALL of the bathroom cleaning products.

  105. 105
  106. 106

    I would love to try the laundry detergent, and any cleaning products, I have three small children and i love finding new products that help me take care of my family!. I liked method and project nursery on facebook!!! ty

  107. 107
  108. 108

    What items do I not use would be easier to answer. My favorites are the laundry detergent glass cleaner and hand soap. I’d like to try some of the various scrubs.

  109. 109

    i am following method and project nursery on both facebook and twitter, I AM SO EXCITED AND CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT IF I COULD WIN SOMETHING THIS COOL

  110. 110

    I love all of the method products – don’t use anything else to clean/laundry/wash hands… We just picked up the Mickey hand soap and we love the fresh lemon smell – perfect for summer and such a cute bottle!

  111. 111
  112. 112

    I would like to try the hand soap and laundry detergent. I have heard alot of good things about the Method products!!!

  113. 113
  114. 114

    Love method handwash & all purpose cleaners! Like method & project nursery on fb & a subscriber!

  115. 115

    Almost all of the cleaning products we use are Method! Laundry, dish, dishwasher, hand, body, and baby soap and the list goes ON!!! I love the lemon kitchen hand soap!!! I would love to get my hands on those Mickey and Minnie hand soaps, my 2-year old Mickey and Minnie fanatic would LOVE them!!!!

  116. 116

    I’ve used the handsoap, but I keep looking at the laundry detergent, and have just been plain afraid too. Plus with all the coupons and deals going on for other products, it’s hard to make the switch. I love Method’s scents though, and the fact that they haven’t activated my allergies yet is a blessing. I’m thinking of trying the fresh air laundry detergent. Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. 117

    Almost all my cleaners are Method. We use the dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, hand soaps, household and bathroom cleaners. I love them!

  118. 118

    I used to use the baby dryer sheets for everything because the rice milk and mallow smells so heavenly, so anything with that smell is welcome here. :)

  119. 119
  120. 120
  121. 121

    Lisa Frogjourney I use little bowl blue, pump laundry det, shower spray, hand soaps, baby scented dryer sheets, wood for good….it early there is likely something else I am not remembering….I LOVE METHOD!!!!

  122. 122

    I would love to try the laundry detergent and cleaning supplies and I am sure my child would love to try theminnie mouse
    hand soap.

  123. 123

    I absolutley love the window cleaner. Smells amazing and works incredibly well. What is this gross windex stuff??? Will always have it on hand. (not to mention many more I have but this is my fav)

  124. 124
  125. 125

    I love Method! I use the Lil Blu Bowl Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, and the Handsoap. I have yet to try the bath tub n Tile cleaner along with the Dish washing liquid and tablets.
    All products are great and I think I’m going to buy a ‘methodMan’ hehe.

  126. 126

    I adore the multi surface cleaner, laundry detergent, Mickey and Minnie hand washes, and most of all the cucumber dish detergent!

  127. 127

    I’m currently using the bathroom cleaner and all-purpose cleaner but would love to try some of the babies + kids products.

  128. 128

    I LOVE method’s green tea and aloe hand soap. I’m so addicted to it! I’ve loved method products for years now and am so happy they’re getting more press and expanding their product line (though I do miss the candles and creamy body wash…)

  129. 129
  130. 130

    Liked Project Nursery, signed up for newsletter and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my hands on the adorable Mickey and Minnie soaps!!!!!! Currently, method is the only household cleaner I use.

  131. 131
  132. 132

    Honestly, I use the Clemtine, Mango Mandarine orange, Cucumber, Fresh Water, Lavendar Cedar, Lavendar Francaise, wood & silver cleaners along with the window cleaners and the dish washer tablets. I also use the antibacterial wipes in clemtnine too. We run a Method house! I love all the items and I order products online at least every two to three months! Thanks for allowing me to share.

  133. 133

    I am subscribed to the newsletter, have liked both Project Nursery and method on facebook, and am following both on Twitter, as well as tweeted @ both :) I recently started using the laundry detergent, dish soap, and I have the house hold cleaners (shower spray, squirt and mop, window cleaner, and multi purpose cleaner) and I absolutely LOVE all the products I have started using. This is one product that I will continue to use all the time!

  134. 134

    Loving my method cleaners! Favorites are all the bathroom cleaners, squirt and mop (almond scent), and the Method antibac lemon verbena; I cannot just choose one. Where can I buy the mickey mouse hand soap, my daughter will be so excited?

  135. 135
  136. 136
  137. 137

    I LOVE Method! Their Rice & Mallow Baby products are my absolute favorite! I’ve been wanting to try their Mickey Mouse soap because my 2 yr old LOVES Mickey Mouse! :)

    I’ve been a fan of Method on FB for awhile and I’ve just become a fan of Project Nursery on FB! :)

  138. 138
  139. 139
  140. 140

    I use Method’s laundry detergent. The fragrance-free version is safe for our whole family, including baby clothes. And the huge bonus is that the bottle is so small: we live in a very small condo and our washer is in a closet. I also love the foaming hand soap. OK, I love everything by Method! And as a designer, I really appreciate the excellence in package design.

  141. 141

    I’ve been a fan of method on Facebook and a new fan to Project Nursery. Thanks for sending me in their direction and commented both pages.

  142. 142
  143. 143

    I would love to try their laundry detergent :] Ive heard it would work wonders for people with sensitive skin like me but its so expensive.

  144. 144

    I started using Method about 9 months ago. My husband brought home some laundry detergent. I was instantly smitten with the packaging. I have a front loading machine and that bottle is so easy to use. I used to just pour resulting in way too much soap and too many bubbles. 4 pumps and I am on my way. Since then I have tried almost everyone of their products and there is not one that I didn’t like. My favorite at the moment is the Le Scrub with it’s minty fresh smell and the convenient sponge holder built into the bottle. What a great idea.

    The next product I would like to try is the baby line. I think the Squeeky Green in Crisp Apple smells amazing. I may have to give it a try.

    I work at a grocery store and we have just started carrying the dish liquid. I am trying to get them to carry the whole line so I don’t have to shop elsewhere for it.

  145. 145
  146. 146
  147. 147

    I use the foaming hand wash and the regular hand wash at home. I’d love to try the foaming dish wash and the laundry detergent. I’m a fan on Facebook and I’m following Method on Twitter!

  148. 148

    I LOVE the Method products. I use the laundry soap, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bathroom wipes, glass cleaner, all surface cleaner, hand soap…I have yet to find a product I haven’t liked. Matter of fact, my home is filled with glass top tables and mirrors and the glass cleaner is by far the best I have ever used!!! :)

    LOVE my Methods!!!!

  149. 149

    I would say I want the baby bundle the most since I have twelve more weeks until she’s here! The nesting phase is starting to hit so an all-purpose cleaner, bathroom and kitchen would be super handy! I suscribe and like on facebook. Thank you so much for these oppotunities!

  150. 150
  151. 151
  152. 152

    I use MANY items from the Method line of home cleaning products. The product I have been using the longest is the Cucumber dish soap. I would love to try something from the baby + kids line.

  153. 153
  154. 154

    I use/have used Method hand soap, dish soap, bathroom cleaner, and body wash. My favorites are the dish soap and anything “free + clear.” I wish they’d make free + clear dish soap!

  155. 155

    I love Method’s antibac Spearmint Bathroom Cleaner! It doesn’t give me the headache that my other cleaners have. =)

  156. 156
  157. 157
  158. 158

    I use the Method soap refills for all my bathrooms and am waiting until that runs out and then I want to buy the new Mickey/Minnie soaps for my Disney bathroom!

  159. 159

    I LOVE the new Mickey/Minnie Mouse hand soap for my little one. He loves the smell and walks around smelling his hands after washing them! I use a lot of Method items in my home and can’t get enough of it! I’ve been following both sites on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for the great products!

  160. 160
  161. 161
  162. 162

    I use the laundry detergent, dish soap and hand soap – would love to try the baby laundry detergent as I have a baby coming in about 5 weeks!!

  163. 163

    I use tons of method products! I only use method hand soap. We are going to have to try that cute mickey mouse soap!

  164. 164
  165. 165
  166. 166


  167. 167
  168. 168
  169. 169

    I use several of the products in my home – one of my absolute favorites is the Little Bowl Blue toilet cleaner because it smells SO good and makes cleaning the toilet just a *little* bit less of a disgusting chore. Totally in love with the foaming handwashes and refills, too. I know my daughter would flip over the Mickey and Minnie foaming handwashes. I would love to try the laundry soap as well as the new baby products.

  170. 170

    As soon as I make it over to Target (nearest one is 30 miles away – boo!) I will be trying the Method laundry detergent, the baby wash and the Mickey Mouse hand soap – my son would LOVE to see that in his bathroom!
    I liked Project Nursery and Method on Facebook, and signed up for the newsletter :-) I hope I win!!

  171. 171

    I use the laundry detergent, multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, dish soap, and on and on and on. I love Method!!

  172. 172
  173. 173

    I use the “Naked” and “Pink Pomegranate” hand soaps, the “Lemongrass” kitchen soap and the toilet bowl cleaner. The laundry detergent looks really interesting–I will have to check it out! Thanks for the post!

  174. 174

    I use tons of Method products. I love the laundry detergent, the eucalyptus mint bathroom cleaner, and the antibac spray & wipes. I’m having a baby in a couple of months so i’m looking forward to trying the baby wash & lotion too.

  175. 175

    I already use many Method products in my home – the daily shower spray (LOVE the scent!), Le Scrub, the tub & tile wipes, the glass cleaner, the dish soap (cucumber!) – but I have to say Lil Bowl Blu is my favorite product overall because my husband likes the name, the eucalyptus scent, the angled bottle that makes it easy to use – and how can I not love a product that makes my hubby actually WANT to clean the toilet?! ;) We’re expecting our first little one in September so I really hope to win! I would love to start our baby girl on a healthy path by trying out all the products in the Squeaky Green line!

  176. 176

    I <3 method products. I have been using them for about four years now when my sister introduced them to me. One of their best products (man that is hard to write) is Le Scrub. It works so well on so many hard to get off items. I really love it. I also love how their products smell so good! My husband, who is not nearly as concerned about the environment as I am, also loves method products. He loves the almond smell of the wood for good cleaners! I don't know what cleaners we still have that aren't method! Hooray! :)

  177. 177

    I use tons of method products and want to try the baby washes…I use free and clear detergent and glass cleaner, lemon mint dish wash and MANY foam hand washes..wish there were more refill options for those…

  178. 178

    I love so many of Method products. Some of my favorites are the tub ‘n tile and little bowl blue. I would love to try some from the kid/baby line–I am expecting my fourth this summer!

  179. 179

    I already liked Method on FB, but just liked Project Nursery on FB as well. Great site! Thanks for partnering with Method or I might not have found you. :)

  180. 180
  181. 181
  182. 182

    I love all of Methods products! I buy their laundry detergent and the hand soaps the most. I’m going to put down on my shopping list to purchase the baby laundry soap and the Mickey/Minnie Mouse hand soaps! I do daycare & the baby soap would be perfect to wash the blankets, dress-up clothes & washable toys! The kids would really love to keep clean with Mickey & Minnie since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is huge at my house! I love Method products because I know they are all natural with nothing added to them and no animal testing! Keep up the great work guys & gals!!

  183. 183

    I currently use the handsoap and I love it, it’s wonderful. I would love to try the laundry soap as it’s a little too pricey for my family. I wouldn’t mind coming across the cute mickey mouse bottles, cute cute cute

  184. 184

    It would be easier to list what I don’t use. lol I use the blue laundry detergent and softener, in bulk, because it rocks. Lavender hand wash, because I like it best. Lemon hand wash in the kitchen, because I use a lot of garlic. Window cleaner, AP spray, bathroom spray, TB cleaner, lavender wipes (I think clementine now) on the toilet for accidents. Clementine or sea minerals dish soap, wood spray, green cleaner for big clean ups like spring cleaning, yellow floor cleaner for daily mopping, oh and stove cleaner for my stainless steel. And I give it as gifts, too, like baby shower gift of body wash.

  185. 185

    All their products are great, but I absolutely love the daily granite cleaner -works great and smells spectacular!

  186. 186
  187. 187

    I have used method hand soaps in many scents for several years now. My personal favorite is cool water. Whenever someone comes over and washes their hands , they always comment on how wonderful the soap smells. Severawl friends and family members now use method proucts in their own homes! unfortunately for me, none of our local stores carry a large selection of method products. I have to travel to get some of my favorites!

  188. 188

    The cucumber dish soap looks like it would smell amazing. I think I’d like to give that one a try.

  189. 189

    I would love to try out the new kids and baby products…have not yet seen them in canada yet though.

  190. 190

    My entire house is more or less a Method house but I’d say the Wood For Good floor cleaner has been a champion for keeping the wood floors in good shape

  191. 191

    I’d like to try the hard floor cleaner. I’m so happy with all of their other products that I’ve tried.

  192. 192
  193. 193

    I use the laundry detergent along with the fabric softener. The very first product I used was the shower and tub scrub. Amazing!!! Have recently started using the furniture polish and bathroom cleaning spray. Going tonight to pick up more detergent and softener along with some hand soap. Love the fact that it takes less amounts to do clean ups plus it is environmentally friendly! Keep up the great work and I will continue to use it! I also shared method cleaning product info on my wall for all to see!

  194. 194

    I love Method products. I use the laundry soap, the hand soap and the dishwasher soap and the dishsoap!
    I love the yummy cucumber smell, but I like my laundry soap with no scents!

  195. 195

    i love method everything! the baby detergent, diaper rash creme, adult detergent, hand soaps, gah just everything! we are military and stationed overseas, so it’s hard to get a lot of it, but i make it happen! thanks for making such wonderful products with no animal testing and natural products!

  196. 196

    I have about everything method and use the laundry detergent the most. My husband also loves the new orange scented spray and i just gave the mickey soap to my niece for a gift. Great a idea for any kid who is disney-crazed and needs to keep clean!

  197. 197

    I would love to try the Micky and Minnie Mouse ones!! My kids would have so much fun with them!! I havent used Method products before but believe me after reading how much people love them I am going to find where to buy them and try them!!

  198. 198
  199. 199

    I am a mom of 3 boys: 7, 3 and 1 month. I have been using Method for years now and love it! Became very cautious of cleaners when I had my first son because they touch everything thing put their hands in their mouth! Excited that have laundry detergent too! Such a great product and you don’t have to worry about it working cause they all work better than most cleaners. Its also great to know that since there are no harsh chemicals I can re-use the bottles to mix natural pesticide for the yard or the kids can fill with water and play with. I try to turn as many people I can on these products.

  200. 200

    Oh, I have SO many in my home! My favorites are the almond floor cleaner and all of the eucalyptus mint bathroom cleaning supplies. I’d love to try the new dish soaps in the new pump bottle.


  201. 201
  202. 202
  203. 203

    I have loved all of method products I have tried, especially Wood for Good. It smells amazing! I haven’t tried the laundry detergent yet but would love to!

  204. 204

    I “LIKED” Project Nursery and Method on Facebook! I love Method hand soap and dish soap and use their lotions, shave gels, body wash and tile cleaners! LOVE METHOD

  205. 205

    I’d love to try the laundry detergent!… I’ve always been picky about my laundry and never venture away from my norm, but it seems like this stuff is getting lots of good attention!

  206. 206

    I like method detergent. I began using it this week. I would like to try method hand soap.

  207. 207

    My favorite Method product is *scratch head because they’re all good* the Peony Blossom laundry detergent. Gets our clothes smelling wonderful + it’s great at pre-treating!

  208. 208
  209. 209
  210. 210
  211. 211
  212. 212
  213. 213
  214. 214
  215. 215

    I have used most of the Method products at one time or another, except for the newest ones! Right now my absolute favorite is the laundry detergent and dryer sheets. The bottle design for the detergent is perfect. Love the new antibac bathroom cleaner, too. I already am a subscriber and I follow Method on FB and I will leave a shout out!

  216. 216

    I loveeee method products. I use pretty much all the cleaning products but my fav is their diaper cream since its cloth diaper friendly!!!

  217. 217
  218. 218
  219. 219
  220. 220

    if only I could name one product that I love love love. I just moved back from the Netherlands, and I have to admit that I lugged Method products in my suitcase on most of my flights. I live in the U.S. again and I am stoked that I can greedily buy whatever I want, whenever I want it. If I have to choose only one, I would say that I can’t live without the Squirt and Mop Wood Floor Cleaner – the almond smell made my tiny Dutch apartment feel like home. And now that I’m back in the states and expecting my first little bambino, I can’t wait to gather up the baby product line like the Squeaky Green hair and body wash (love the little cuppie on the top too!) Genius!

  221. 221
  222. 222
  223. 223

    I’m in the process of washing our baby-to-be’s clothes with the Method Rice Milk and Mallow baby detergent and not only does it clean wonderful but smells amazing!

  224. 224

    I have not got to try any of the products but I would love to try any of them. I plan to look for them on my next trip to the grocery store.

  225. 225

    I ‘like’ Project Nursery and Method on Facebook OF COURSE!!!! :) Shout out done! Holler!

  226. 226

    I liked you guys and Project Nursery on FB, but I love love LOVE the French Lavender all purpose cleaner and am off out tomorrow to pick up some laundry detergent for me and bubs and the Ginger Floor Cleaner which sounds fab! The yummy fragrances and the gorgeous packaging make buying Method products just as much fun as buying new skincare products!

  227. 227
  228. 228
  229. 229
  230. 230
  231. 231

    I LOVE their hand soap, but I really want to try their detergent. Sadly, my local store doesn’t carry it so I haven’t been able to try it yet. But I love what they do!

  232. 232

    We use the Method hand soap & soap refills. We don’t use antibacterial soap because there is already an overuse, which can be problematic for fighting germs, but trying to find a hand soap without antibacterial added to it is difficult to find. I’m glad that Method makes just REGULAR soap for us. Bonus is it smells great too!
    I’m interested in trying their line of laundry detergents too.

  233. 233
  234. 234
  235. 235
  236. 236

    I use their laundry detergent, hand soap, dish washing liquid and dish washer soap. I would like to try everything else they produce. I like them very much!

  237. 237
  238. 238

    I absolutely love Method! I have tons of their products on my registry for my upcoming baby shower. My favorite item is the squeaky green kids body wash. We used it on my son when he was a baby and he still loves it now!

  239. 239

    I already use the hand soap, dish soap and cleaners!!!! They are my favorite brand to use. I also “liked” both facebook pages and would LOVE to try the new baby products as I am due with my first baby in October. :) Its important for me to find safe and non toxic cleaners, shampoos and soaps for my little one before he gets here.
    I hope I win!! fingers xxcrossedxx

  240. 240

    Owning a leather couch, I’d like to try Method’s Leather Love Wipes.

    Hope to win!

  241. 241
  242. 242

    I love all the bathroom eucalyptus/mint cleaners, hand soaps, and laundry soap, i also love the granite and wood and floor cleaners the almond smell is awesome! I just recently tried the waterflower body wash and the dishwasher tabs and like both those products too. Almost everything Method sells i have tried except i cannot find baby products here in our town. I am always impressed with Methods products, scents and how they work, plus are good for us and the environment. I’d try ANYthing you guys make!! :-) Bring it!!

  243. 243

    I use Method detergent, dryer sheets, hand soap, glass cleaner, wood cleaner, and granite cleaner. We are a Method household!

  244. 244
  245. 245

    I use the Method squirt and mop floor cleaners, dish soap, wood for good dusting spray, and dusting whips. i would love to try ALL the products :)

  246. 246

    I love method. I really want to try out the baby stuff since we are expecting our first baby in June!

  247. 247

    I have used the french lavender hand soap consistently in my bathroom for 5 years. The ylang ylang daily shower spray smells wonderful. I replace both these products by buying the refill packages which saves me money and is less plastic being used! I just bought the laundry detergent…can’t wait to put that in my backpack pocket when I go to do laundry rather than carry a big jug. So convenient!

  248. 248

    I LOVE their dishsoap and laundry detergent. Those are staples in our house! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Mickey handsoap and the newer kitchen handsoap that takes all the kitcheney smells away!

  249. 249

    I haven’t tried Method but would love to try it, by the sounds of the great comments on how good it is…sounds like a great product :)

  250. 250
  251. 251

    I LOVE Method! And really want to try the Play Clean Nursery & Playroom spray! I just haven’t been able to find it in a store yet…

  252. 252
  253. 253
  254. 254
  255. 255

    I have several method products, but the one i have the most of is their hand wash. I love it!

  256. 256
  257. 257
  258. 258
  259. 259
  260. 260

    I use the laundry detergent when it’s on sale because it takes up so much less space, smells excellent and is a product I feel good about using.

  261. 261
  262. 262

    Oh, I want this!!! I use their dish soap, hand soap, all purpose spray, wood cleaner, granite cleaner, stainless steel cleaner… I can always use more!!! =)

  263. 263

    Would LOVE to try the laundry stuff. We just use the handsoap now but can’t wait to expand…

  264. 264
  265. 265
  266. 266

    I use the Lil’ Blue Bowl toilet cleaner and the clear hand soap. I just love knowing that a ‘greener’ product is entering the sewer system! I would love to use the laundry detergent, but for now- it’s a bit pricey.

  267. 267

    I follow Method on facebook. I use Method’s dish soap, hand soap for the kitchen, regular hand soap, the children’s hand soap, the children’s body wash & shampoo, antibactrical kitchen cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, antibactrical bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, I used to get the method bodywash at the store but they quit selling it, & I use the laundry detergent. I want to try the glass cleaner, the mop cleaner, the baby diaper cream, the baby lotion. I really like the fact that the ingredients doesn’t make my son break out because he has severe allergies & sensitive skin. Does the baby lotion help with eczema?

  268. 268

    I would LOVE to try the bathroom bundle! Can I really get the bathroom that clean AND won’t have to smell bleach!!!!

  269. 269
  270. 270
  271. 271

    So excited about this! I love the pump laundry detergent! No more bulky containers in my laundry closet :)

  272. 272
  273. 273
  274. 274
  275. 275
  276. 276
  277. 277
  278. 278
  279. 279

    Love method products. My two favorites are the laundry detergent and the smarty dish dishwashing tablets both in free and clear. I like the scented laundry products, and bathroom cleasers, and just about anything else method – their products get the job done the first time with great results!

  280. 280
  281. 281
  282. 282
  283. 283
  284. 284

    I love their foaming hand soap and shower spray! All their scents are great too! They smell natural instead of like chemicals.

  285. 285
  286. 286

    I use the surface cleaner, the bathroom cleaner, and the little bowl blue. Love their stuff!

  287. 287

    I use the Cucumber Dish Soap and it’s great, would love to try more of their other products! Thanks :)

  288. 288

    I love Method’s handsoaps, bathroom cleaners, and surface sprays. I would LOVE to try their laundry soap!

  289. 289
  290. 290

    We use the laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish soap and hand soap regularly. From time to time I get other things. So glad the fabric softener is back at Target!

  291. 291

    I am using three Method products in my house right now–the All Purpose Cleaner (Pink Grapefruit scent), the Hand Wash (Sea Minerals scent), and the Squeaky Clean Dryer Cloths.

  292. 292
  293. 293
  294. 294
  295. 295
  296. 296

    I “Like” Project Nursery and Method on Facebook and left messages on BOTH walls!
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  297. 297
  298. 298

    I am very interested in all of the products, but the Baby Bundle seems amazing for my little one due in a couple weeks:)

  299. 299
  300. 300
  301. 301

    I am a big Method fan! I love the antibacterial spray and surface wipes. I would love to try the mickey mouse foaming hand soap for my three year old daughter and would also like to try the laundry detergent. Also, I am very interested in the baby bundle! Love that Method is a natural alternative!

  302. 302
  303. 303
  304. 304
  305. 305
  306. 306
  307. 307
  308. 308
  309. 309

    I’ve used the hand wash before, but I’d love to try the squeaky green baby bubbly bath. I really want to find a bubble bath for my kids that is natural and won’t irritate their skin, but still makes a lot of fun bubbles.

  310. 310

    I use the antibacterial kitchen cleaner, all of your bathroom cleaning products and your hand soap (refills and the children’s minnie mouse soap). Oh, and I can’t forget your laundry detergent! I love them all!!!!

  311. 311
  312. 312
  313. 313
  314. 314
  315. 315
  316. 316
  317. 317
  318. 318
  319. 319
  320. 320

    My favorite Method product would have to be the shower cleaner but my son would probably disagree and pick the bubble bath. Gave a shout out on both Method and Project Nursery’s Facebook pages and just subscribed to your newsletter. Thank you!

  321. 321
  322. 322

    We don’t use any method products currently but would love to try the tiny hands kids’ foaming hand wash

  323. 323
  324. 324

    i would like to start using the cleansing wipes-i didnt know method made daily cleansing wipes

  325. 325
  326. 326
  327. 327
  328. 328

    I would love to try their multi-surface wipes in pink grapefruit


  329. 329
  330. 330
  331. 331
  332. 332
  333. 333
  334. 334
  335. 335
  336. 336

    Great giveaway! I currently use Method’s Sea Minerals hand wash in my bathroom and kitchen! It smells wonderful!

    I’d love to be able to try some of their other products. Thanks for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  337. 337
  338. 338

    I already use Method laundry detergent, hand soap, glass cleaner, and bathroom cleaner!!! I LOVE these products!! I would love to try the baby products on mine due in September. I “Like” them on Facebook and I follow your newsletter ;)

  339. 339
  340. 340
  341. 341
  342. 342
  343. 343
  344. 344
  345. 345
  346. 346
  347. 347
  348. 348
  349. 349

    I LOVE Method laundry detergent. I have to purchase the Sweet Pea on line because it isn’t available in the stores around here, it is perfect on kid and baby clothes. We also use the Fresh Air detergent for towels, sheets, and grown up clothes. They are greatness. I love the Mickey Minnie foaming soaps. I am forwarding the blog onto a friend that can never get enought of M&M. Thanks

  350. 350
  351. 351
  352. 352
  353. 353
  354. 354
  355. 355

    Hi there ~ HUGE fan of Method products ~ in my home I use the liquid gel hand soap refill pack that smells like pink grapefruit – it is SO yummy – I liked both FB pages + Twitter pages & I subscribe to the weekly newsletter ~ please sign me up for the giveaway 4 times! Hope I win!!! Crossing fingers! :o)

  356. 356
  357. 357
  358. 358

    I can’t wait to try the new Mickey & Minnie Mouse handsoap for kids!!! I love Method products. The laundry detergent sounds pretty compelling too, think I might have to try it out as well. Thanks, hope I will!

  359. 359

    I love your blog and Method products! We use a lot of the soaps and detergents, but I would love to try the Baby detergent, as we are welcoming a baby girl, our first, in August! Also, I am a subscriber to your newsletter, and I like both you and Method on Facebook! :)

  360. 360
  361. 361

    We’ve used the “hand soap” many times. I’d LOVE to start using both the laundry soap and the fabric softner. I can’t stand the soap containers we use now: big and messy!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  362. 362
  363. 363
  364. 364
  365. 365

    I have several of their liquid hand soaps in the house. I love the product and design of their containers :)

  366. 366
  367. 367

    I like using the rice milk & mallow products for my children and would like to try the laundry detergent :)

  368. 368

    I always use method cucumber hand wash and dish soap. We have tried the squeaky clean body wash and shampoo in rice milk and mallow and would love to try the crisp apple! I want to try the laundry detergent and the wood for good wipes! Eventually, I would like to switch all of our cleaning products to method products! I love that method is eco friendly and comes in sleek modern packaging. Perfect combo for our home!

  369. 369

    I have the Method Lavender all purpose cleaner and it smells AMAZING. I am frequently tempted to spray a little on like perfume.

  370. 370
  371. 371
  372. 372
  373. 373

    I have been using the pump for about a year with original soap and with different than Method dish soap. I think that you can absolutely control how much soap you dispense, you just don’t press as hard. I am going to be trying the laundry detergent next…..

  374. 374
  375. 375
  376. 376
  377. 377
  378. 378

    Hand soap, laundry detergent, stainless steel cleaner, all purpose and bathroom products. We love method!!

  379. 379
  380. 380
  381. 381

    I’ve tried the hand soaps and they smell wonderful! After looking at their site and reading some reviews I may need to make a trip to the store… I would definitely like to try the floor cleaners and bathroom bundle set!

  382. 382
  383. 383
  384. 384
  385. 385
  386. 386
  387. 387
  388. 388
  389. 389
  390. 390
  391. 391
  392. 392

    I had neer heard of these products until now, what a fabulous idea!!!! I cant wait to try it.

  393. 393
  394. 394
  395. 395

    I use the handsoaps and the glass cleaner and would love to try their “play clean nursery + playroom cleaner”

  396. 396
  397. 397

    We use the daily shower spray and would like to try the play clean nursery + playroom cleaner.

  398. 398
  399. 399
  400. 400
  401. 401
  402. 402
  403. 403
  404. 404
  405. 405

    I use the Kitchen Handwash and regular handwash in different scents. I’d love to try more Method stuff though! Esp the products for kids!

  406. 406
  407. 407
  408. 408
  409. 409
  410. 410
  411. 411
  412. 412
  413. 413
  414. 414
  415. 415
  416. 416
  417. 417
  418. 418

    I have never tried Method products so I can’t answer the part about which one we use in our home. I’d like to try the dish pump in cucumber and the laundry detergent in free + clear.

  419. 419
  420. 420
  421. 421
  422. 422
  423. 423
  424. 424
  425. 425

    Id like to try the pro chef multi-surface kitchen cleaner, im a baker & have lots of sticky messes!

  426. 426
  427. 427
  428. 428
  429. 429
  430. 430
  431. 431
  432. 432

    We use the all-purpose cleaner with powergreen; we’d love to have the pro chef multi-surface kitchen cleaner, too.

  433. 433
  434. 434

    ike” Project Nursery and Method on Facebook, give us a shout out on our walls & tell us you did with a comment below.


  435. 435
  436. 436

    Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter or let us know you are already a subscriber with a comment below

  437. 437
  438. 438
  439. 439

    I like the antibacterial bathroom cleaner in spearmint. Thank you for the chance to win!
    deedeebamagirl at yahoo dot com

  440. 440
  441. 441
  442. 442
  443. 443

    Oooh, I love method! I use their laundry detergent, but the product that really makes a difference for us is the lemongrass kitchen soap – it really does get rid of nasty odors!

  444. 444
  445. 445
  446. 446
  447. 447
  448. 448
  449. 449
  450. 450
  451. 451

    i would love to try the all purpose cleaner. I don’t like buying different products for every room in my home. It gets rather costly, for me and the environment.

  452. 452
  453. 453

    I am a follower of Method on FB and I commented on the wall (I commented on the PN wall as well).

  454. 454
  455. 455

    I have never used Method products but I would love to try their bathroom cleaning products like the tub + tile flushable wipes.

  456. 456
  457. 457
  458. 458

    I already use the Method hand wash in the Clean Water formula. I love how it can get all over the place and still be invisible.

    makedolivewell at yahoo dot com

  459. 459
  460. 460
  461. 461
  462. 462
  463. 463
  464. 464
  465. 465
  466. 466
  467. 467
  468. 468

    I would love to try some of the baby line…Play clean nursery spray…and also the laundry detergent….

  469. 469
  470. 470
  471. 471
  472. 472
  473. 473

    We use the laundry detergent. I haven’t even seen the baby line, to be honest. All purpose cleaner would be the next step for us, I think!

  474. 474
  475. 475
  476. 476

    I love Method!! I’m a housecleaner, and use it every day at work… My favorite is the Cucumber. Everyone always tells me how fresh it smells, and it makes every house sparkle!!

  477. 477
  478. 478
  479. 479
  480. 480
  481. 481
  482. 482
  483. 483
  484. 484
  485. 485
  486. 486
  487. 487

    I love the method laundry detergent in both fresh air and lavendar. I haven’t seen the baby one in stores, but if I do, I would get that for the baby’s clothes.

    [email protected]

  488. 488
  489. 489
  490. 490

    I really would love to win some free Method stuff!! We use it all the time and LOVE every type we have tried.

  491. 491
  492. 492
  493. 493

    I would love to try the Method Laundry Detergent in the Sweet Pea fragrance.

    juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com

  494. 494
  495. 495
  496. 496

    Thanks for the giveaway…we already use method laundry detergent; would like to try le scrub bathroom cleaner, and bathroom cleaner (spray) !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  497. 497
  498. 498
  499. 499
  500. 500
  501. 501
  502. 502

    I love Method’s daily shower cleaner. I have an all-glass shower and keeping it clean is a daily task. This easy daily spray makes cleaning so much easier!

  503. 503

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