Makaboo: Make Your Favorite Brands Personal

Makaboo has come up with a genius idea—they take your favorite brands and allow you to add custom personalization! They have everything from the traditional personalized items like clothing, blankets and backpacks to toys, storage containers and luggage. Depending on the item, you can select the font, the color and the placement of the personalization. 3 Sprouts’ popular storage bins


Back-to-School Organization: Backpack Basics

Backpack Skip Hop Zoo

Whether your child will be carrying a blanket to daycare, lunch to preschool or books to grammar school, a well-designed backpack can help keep items organized and protected. When shopping for a backpack, parents first need to focus on comfort and fit. When fitting a backpack for your child, it should be no larger than their back. If unsure, this


Back to School in Style

My daughter started Kindergarten this week, and we have been having a blast getting her “prepped” for big girl school. No, I am not talking about pencil cases or notebooks, but of course her wardrobe and gear (aka the fun stuff). Here are some of my favorite must-haves for the 2011 back-to-school season. Stella is your typical 5-year-old fashionista. We