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Back to School in Style

My daughter started Kindergarten this week, and we have been having a blast getting her “prepped” for big girl school. No, I am not talking about pencil cases or notebooks, but of course her wardrobe and gear (aka the fun stuff). Here are some of my favorite must-haves for the 2011 back-to-school season.

Stella is your typical 5-year-old fashionista. We are mildly obsessed with crewcuts and all things Justice. Here are some of Stella’s picks for back-to-school.

Sequins are so hot right now (most little girls love anything that sparkles), and this silver sequin bag makes a perfect accessory. Beaded bracelets, like this one from J. Crew, are a Stella essential—the more jewels the better. And to get some of that kindergarten fashion inspiration, J. Crew released a fashion-inspired coloring book—Vogue for kids!

Back-to-school fashion is not just for girls. Little boys can rock the hallways looking just as cool. Here are some of my picks for the little dudes starting school.

Tees with ties
never go out of style, and this one from Blumegirl is my favorite. Matched with old school chucks and a vintage-inspired cap from crewcuts, you are one cool dude.

Backpacks and lunch boxes are all the rage at back-to-school time. There are so many fun choices on the market, but here are my top selections. Crewcuts tulle-around backpack is a scream. I think I would go back to school just to be able to carry this. And for boys, I love this skull and cross bone motif lunch duo. It’s personalized and funky and not too babyish that it won’t last a couple of years.

Like most kids, Stella was a little nervous about starting a new school. So when I came across talkatoo charms, I thought this was the perfect “security object” to send with her. These adorable charms come in necklace or clip form and allow you to add a recorded message. Mom or Dad can record a little message that the child can take with them if they ever need a little bit of comfort throughout the day. Stella clipped hers to her backpack, and it just looks like a cool accessory.

What are your favorite back-to-school items this season?


Monday 19th of September 2011

I think newspaper boy caps for the little dudes are absolutely cute and stylish. But too bad, my kids go to a somewhat conservative Christian school, and outfits and accessories that attract attention are not allowed. They want children to dress modestly, so it's kinda hard to go all too creative when it comes to school fashion.


Monday 19th of September 2011

I am so not in-touch with girl fashion, considering I have a four-year-old, too. I didn't know about crewcuts and Justice, so I had to check the links. Makes me envy Suri Cruise all the more.


Wednesday 14th of September 2011

My daughter's such a girly-girl, too, and she is a mini fashionista herself. Sometimes I ask her to tone down her accessories, but if she's set on wearing something, then it should be considered final and irrevocable. sigh.