You Are My Sunshine 1st Birthday

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You are My Sunshine

Design Inspiration

I sang her this song every night before bed and thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate her first year

Decorating Style

Chic and  old school, love picking the perfect theme and sticking to it and pulling out things to focus on.

Project Details

A lot of the items I made, the tulle pom-poms, and tulle streamers , all the way down to the fabric bunting, and cake topper. I love crafting and baking.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and then changed them around to fit our theme

The banners were made by a friend and she did an incredible job:

Favorite Items

I am in love with the Mason Jars and straws!  Just a fun little detail to add to any party! Also the cake, I had a hard time nailing down something that I really liked, and our baker hit it, spot on!


Start planning ahead of time, and don't wait to get everything the night before.  Enjoy the process and have fun.  Remember, it is one day and if it's not perfect don't stress!


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    I love all the little details and the splashes of hot pink among the gray and yellow. It’s such a cute theme!

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    Belle, I found chalk board stickers at Micheal’s and used a chalk board marker to write on them!

  5. 5

    Where did you get the “You are my sunshine” print in front of the pink cake? It’s adorable!

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    Great party! The cookies are just what I’ve been looking for! Did you buy them? If so, where from?

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    Oh my gosh!!! I thought you were asking about the signs!!! I had the cookies made by a friend!!! She did a great job on them and they tasted so good!

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