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J is for Jammin’…I mean Jack


This is a nursery that my wife and I designed for our son Jack.  My wife was gracious enough to give me a lot of creative control over the design features so this is really my first attempt at designing a room

Design Inspiration

I wanted a music themed nursery and we found a bed set that had a monkey playing a guitar.  That started the ball rolling for creating the layout and decorations.  The design changed so much that the inspiration is no longer in the room itself.  I would browse the projects on this site for hours looking for colors and layouts that I liked.

Decorating Style

I am not much of a designer but I would say that I like sleek, simple, and modern looking finishes.

Project Details

Here are the main elements of the room and where I got them.  I will post links later

Paint - Sherwin Williams

Crib - Amazon

Dresser and Nightstand - Amazon

Bookshelf - Target

Glider - Amazon

Pillow on Glider - Amazon

3 prints above dresser - Etsy

Shake, rattle, and Roll print - Etsy

Tree decal - Etsy

Good Day Sunshine painting - Etsy

Curtains - inspired by pottery barn but made by Grandma

Floor Lamp - Target



Favorite Items

My favorite item is definitely the curtains.  That was the last thing that we were able to put into the room and it just pulled everything together.  They are so big and they make such a bold statement for the room.


Give your self time to process and discover how you want the room to turn out.  Your design will change and evolve due to space, time, and monetary considerations.  I think it helps to create a visual for yourself to focus the design.  I sat down with  pencils, colored pencils, and paper and drew a sketch of how I wanted the room to look.


Thursday 6th of June 2013

Nice and unique wall decal! I like your use of white furniture because it makes the room look clean and bright.